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Reaction offer a full surveillance, countermeasure and disaster recovery solutions package. Evolving from the core Hov Pod range of Hovercraft for amphibious based patrol we now offer complete turnkey security solutions to generate actionable intelligence, for border, wide area and localized monitoring with follow up options for direct response and non-lethal countermeasures in marine, land and amphibious regions.

There are large remote areas, borders, long oil and gas pipelines, industrial instillations, farmlands, amphibious landscapes and coastal expansions that are difficult to monitor or secure. We integrate drones, tethers, robotics, low light cameras, thermal imaging, radar, underwater ROV, sensors, surface to air surveillance and security, AIS, weather forecast, record/backup and replay to provide actionable intelligence.

Our multi rotor, fixed wing, tethered and VTOL drones can be utilized as an integrated package of border and wide area security solutions including operations in remote and hard to access regions with associated drone payloads to monitor from altitude for extended periods of operation.

All Products or Customizable Into any End Solution \and Include:

Fixed wing and VTOL fixed wing long range up to 8 hours operation at up to 100km or more from ground control station (GCS).

Multi rotor battery powered drones for local operation and long range multi rotor gas drones for up to 4 hours operation at up to 100km from ground control station (GCS).

Tethered multi rotor drones for running from single location or from moving vehicle.

These drones can be equipped with a range of payloads including EO/IR and NIR (low light or laser illuminated night vision).

We also offer surveillance and monitoring equipment to mount on vehicles or fixed instillations and buildings. Our range of long range and thermal cameras include Long range day, low light night, 360° automatic sensing and standard thermal cameras.

For countermeasures we provide non-lethal countermeasures including acoustic and laser deterrents.

In disaster recovery situations to augment our drone operations we supply portable water purification equipment and first aid equipment.

Actionable Intelligence

Actionable intelligence is simply that: information gleaned from a range of sources that enables decision makers from law enforcement leaders or field commanders to take appropriate and timely action when faced with a security threat like an imminent terrorist attack, vandalism, or the shipment of weapons, drugs or people.

Unlike strategic intelligence that seeks to learn trends in what an enemy or competitor is thinking and planning for the future, actionable intelligence aims to find out what adversaries are doing now and when and where they plan to do it.

Actionable intelligence is information that can be acted upon, with the further implication that actions should be taken, the necessary background information that will enable someone to deal quickly and efficiently with a situation

Actionable Intelligence provides Commanders and Soldiers a high level of shared situational understanding, delivered with the speed, accuracy, and timeliness necessary to operate at their highest potential and conduct successful operations.

Actionable Intelligence – Surface to Air

The Actionable intelligence solution is designed to monitor threats from the air, on the surface, below the surface or underwater and on any terrain. Actionable intelligence offers multiple tools from wide area cameras installed on drone programmed to sweep search an area, to night vision or thermal cameras that are installed on unmanned hovercraft USV capable of traveling back and forth from land to sea or drone’s UAV. 

The entire Actionable intelligence operation can be mobile performing surveillance over a single perimeter or multiple coordinates and when combined with extended range options and tethered drones can operate for extended hours.

Intelligence Payloads

◊ Small Target Detection radar
◊ Radar command and control
◊ Automated radar target tracker
◊ AIS/radar target correlation
◊ Automated target threat classification
◊ Coastal Monitoring, Aerial & Surface
◊ Support for swimmer detection sonar
◊ Diver Detection Echo Sounder
◊ AIS base station command and control
◊ Modular and scalable design
◊ Remote access and control

◊ Thermal Imaging Devices
◊ Zone Monitoring and Alarms
◊ Controlled Camera Management
◊ Record & Replay Function
◊ Weather Forecast Service
◊ Drone/Hovercraft Integration
◊ Surface Response Capabilities
◊ Aerial Response Capabilities
◊ Hyper Spectral (Color Definition)
◊ Lidar (Terrain Mapping)
◊ High Resolution Cameras

◊ Low Light Cameras (Night Vision)
◊ Thermal Imaging Cameras
◊ Single Beam Echo Sounders
◊ Multi Beam Echo Sounders
◊ Listening Devices & Sonar
◊ Particle & Radiation Sensors
◊ Water Depth & Sediment Sensors
◊ Microorganisms & Chemical Sensors
◊ Non-Lethal Deterrents and Weapons
◊ Real-Time Communication (GPS & AIS)
◊ Integrated Data & Control Center