Infinite Real World Applications

Hov Pod Hovercraft are the perfect all in one craft to take on the role of other vehicles for traditional coastal/inland/border patrol. It is also just about the only vehicle suitable for many areas inaccessible to conventional vehicles & can operate over flooded land, mud, riverbed, shallow water/tidal region, rapid, shingle beach, open water, grass, sand, desert, swamp, marshland, prairie, wetland, meadow, bog, bayou, shore, weed, submerged plant, snow, ice, shallow lake, dried up salt marsh, sandbank, road, indeed any flat surface at speeds up to 45 mph without effecting wild life or the ecology.

There are many different applications for the Hov Pod range of hovercraft, so to encompass all applications in one specification sheet is hard to do. We have a number of specific specification sheets to illustrate how the Hov Pod models can help in different situations, such as rescue, patrol/border security, commercial use (including oil exploration), recreation use, rental operations etc.  Just some of those many applications are detailed below.


Unimagined Versatility

  • ◊ Border/coastal/inland patrol, anti terrorism, drug smuggling patrol.◊ High speed marine sub surface & ground scanning survey & detection.

    ◊ Rescue work from flooded areas, mud, sand, tidal areas. Hovercraft do not create the problem with downdraft associated with helicopters, & a fraction of the cost to purchase, operate & maintain.

    ◊ Rescuers can reach floods, mud, sand & ice victims without exposing rescuers to life threatening danger.

    ◊ Distribution of famine or flood aid support craft. Relief work (United Nations).

    ◊ Heavy load movement across difficult surfaces

    ◊ Civil emergency & infrastructure support

  • ◊ Fire support in hard to access locations and airports near swamps,  shallow water and tidal regions◊ Oil industry survey, exploration & pipeline patrol.

    ◊ Electrical Power-line patrol & safety.

    ◊ Remote mining access support vehicle.

    ◊ River, lake & port geological surveys.

    ◊ Mud & riverbed sampling.

    ◊ Wildlife conservation and research

    ◊ Oil spill clean up

    ◊ Transportation or “island-hopping”

    ◊ Forestry

    ◊ Mosquito abatement

    ◊ Charter operations and passenger ferries

    ◊ Dive recovery teams

    ◊ Water management

    ◊ Environmental projects & clean-up operations.

    ◊ Airport bird scaring/support/rescue services.

    ◊ Coastal civil engineering & bridge construction & repair/maintenance.

    ◊ Transport, service & safety craft for river & low tide coastal work where 24-hour access is vital for staff safety.

    ◊ Fish farm & low tide access for shrimp, mussel and cockle farming.

    ◊ Fishing anywhere … including ice fishing

    ◊ Leisure & family fun. Rental Operations, Corporate entertainment. Education, schools. Summer fetes & shows.

    ◊ Access to Riverside, lakeside & island properties & Holiday Homes. Hovercraft travel over mud, sand & ice. Hovercraft are not restricted by tide, or fast running water. Or shallow water, or submerged rocks, coral, or marine life.

    ◊ SuperYacht Tenders – Traveling from land to water where there is no boat dock

    ◊ Filming & TV work. Store sales & advertising (Harrods).

    ◊ Transport in environmentally sensitive areas where habitat, erosion and soil compaction are a concern

    ◊ Retrieving birds from tailings ponds at mining sites

    ◊ TV and film companies (James Bond movies often use hovercraft)

    ◊ Entertainment at Disney World water shows

    ◊ Agricultural spraying; cranberry, rice and pecan farming.



Productive Capabilities

Hov Pod possess unique abilities that make them extremely useful. Hov Pod can fly smoothly over land; still or swift water; shallow, flooded or frozen rivers; sandbars; swamps; snow; and thin or broken ice, giving you access to areas that can’t be reached with other vehicles. Their high speed amphibious capabilities are little affected by the movement or the depth of water, or whether or not it is frozen.

Hov Pod are safer and more fuel-efficient than boats. In search and rescue operations, Hov Pod keep first responders above the danger – not in it – because they safely hover 9 inches above the surface, and can save victims that a boat or helicopter can’t reach.

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