The World’s Most Durable Hovercraft

Working in places like the Arctic can be an unforgiving, punishing and a lonely occupation. Humanity has never let those facts stop them from exploring our vast and lonely planet. People who work or play in these conditions, scientist, their support teams or even adventurers exploring the wilderness, prefer to work or play safely, they depend on their equipment. That’s why many professionals demand Hov Pod. can diflucan cause missed period essays on drugs fdhj viagra civil suits against phizer viagra cheapest essay writing service uk enter site impromptu speech guidelines here can i exercise while taking cialis criminology dissertations go to site amyl nitrate and viagra unaccustomed earth essay write short essay on computer enter site esl blog writer website for masters source link clomid cod examples on how to use quotes for essay domestic violence thesis acne paper buy online second time accutane levitra for sale guantanamo bay essay divergence hypothesis wiki enter Don’t settle for a hovercraft, own a Hov Pod.

When you think of hovercraft in terms of commercial applications, you think amphibious, all terrain transportation. So in that case, think of all of commercial applications there are for a Motorcycle, Jet Ski, Car, Taxi, 4X4 Pickup Truck, Camper, Motor Boat, Ferry, Tour Bus, Ambulance, Minivan, SUV, Raft, Shuttle, Helicopter, then think Hov Pod.

Hov Pod Models

Which Hov Pod Will Work For Me?

We supply 2 sizes and each size with 2 different engine options so effectively 4 models. Use the Links in the drop down menu to find out more.

SPX 65

SPX 120

Carbon Infinity

SPX Model Infinity Model
Engine Option 1:    Rotax 582 65HP Engine Option 1:   Polaris Cleanfire 120HP
Engine Option 2:    Polaris Cleanfire 120HP Engine Option 2:   Polaris Cleanfire 155HP
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Composite Hull / HDPE Duct
11Feet 10 Inches, 3.63m 15 Feet 7 inches,4.75m
6 Feet 2 Inches, 1.9m 7 Feet 5 inches, 2.25m
4 Feet 10 Inches, 1.49m 5 Feet 7 inches, 1.55m
Land Payload up to:   1077 Pounds, 487kg Land Payload up to:    1600 Pounds, 726kg
Water Payload up to:   718 Pounds, 325kg Water Payload up to:    1200 Pounds, 545kg

Choosing the right Hov Pod to suit your requirements takes a little time to ensure that you get the right craft to suit your particular application please contact using the contact form and we will work through your requirements with you.


Check All Manufacturers Specifications

No other hovercraft are constructed like a Hov Pod, that’s why no other hovercraft outlast or goes as far.  Hov Pod design, manufacture and supply hovercraft that are quiet, easy and safe to operate, maintain and transport. We have provided solutions for and shipped thousands of Hov Pod worldwide to companies, goverment agencies and associations.

Note: Some suppliers are a little economic with the truth about payload ratings, if you intend to go near water, all hovercraft create a pressure wave known as The Hump, and generally carry 50% less weight when starting on water (compared to on-land).

Never ask hovercraft supplier – how many seats? Always check the on-water payload capability, to ensure you can get home. Check the weight of passengers and driver, additional equipment. Buyer’s Guide

Some conditions make starting on water more difficult, such as loading, wind strength, wind direction, and depth of water – deeper water is easier to start from.


Infinity Power & Durability

SPX Precision Handling


The difference between Hov Pod and Hovercraft is that Hov Pod are built to commercial specifications.  Hov Pod are quiet, safe, durable, easy to operate, maintain and transport.  Don’t settle for a hovercraft, own a Hov Pod.