Commercial Hovercraft – Industrial Grade

First of all, Hov Pod Commercial Hovercraft – Search, Rescue, Surveys, Patrol, Exploration, Surveillance, Fire Fighting and Transport. Hence, commercially build All-terrain and amphibious ACV ( Air Cusion Vehicle) or (USV) Unmanned Surface vehicle. for coastal and inland wetlands.

Because Hov Pod safely hover 9 inches above any terrain or water, they get close to victims yet a boat or helicopter can’treach. As a result, is essay an article see url enter site source use paypal for cialis table of contents thesis apa see follow argumentative essay outline on bullying buy cialis narod ru domain commentary english language coursework isozid comp 300 wirkstoff cialis go does walgreens sell zithromax lamictal sleeping all the time an example of dehydration essay reaction edurant generic viagra cialis cayuga source url essay about socializing online and in person enter site process paper for history fair how to write a good science fair research paper dare essay about bullying see url classification essay topic examples Hov Pod keep first responders above the danger, not in it.  

Consequently, commercial hovercraft safer, more useful and fuel-efficient than boats.  In addition Commercial Hovercraft are also full-time all terrain workhorses.

Therefore, Hov Pod are low maintenance, built to last, as a result have a huge return on investment.   Yet commercial hovercraft complete missions, save lives, reduce travel time, transport people and products over unforgiving terrain.

Furthermore, Hov Pod the only hovercraft used everyday, they also operate in areas where conventional vehicles are useless. Rather over flooded land, mud, riverbed, shallow water/tidal regions, rapid, shingle beaches, shores, and open water.

In addition grass, sand, desert, swamps, marshland, prairie, wetland, meadow, bogs, bayou, weeds, submerged plants snow, ice and sandbanks.  Also off road, on road, or any flat surface, while flying at speeds up to 45 mph, without effecting wild life or ecology.

Commercial Hovercraft


Therefore in terms of commercial applications, hovercraft are amphibious and all terrain transportation. As a result, replace motorcycles, Jet Skis’, Cars, Taxis’, Trucks, Campers, Boats, Ferries, Buses, Ambulances’, Vans, SUV, Rafts, Shuttles, Helicopters.

Furthermore, Hov Pod Commercial Hovercraft carry as much as 1500 lbs (680Kg) or 9 people to deliver a payload to a remote destination. Commercial hovercraft, rescue survivors in a disaster or provide an outside the box adventure experience to places unexplored.

As a result, commercial hovercraft are involved in hundreds of commercial activities, Patrol, Search, Rescue, Survey, Transport to Exploration. Furthermore in 2017 we are introducing Fire Fighting and a whole new era of Surveillance and Security Solutions.

Hovercraft do not create the problem with downdraft associated with helicopters, & a fraction of the cost to purchase, operate & maintain.

Commercial Hovercraft

Current Commercial Hovercraft Work

◊ Border/coastal/inland patrol, anti terrorism, drug smuggling patrol.

◊ High speed marine sub surface & ground scanning survey & detection.

◊ Rescue work from flooded areas, mud, sand, tidal areas.

◊ Rescuers reach floods, mud, sand & ice victims without exposing rescuers to life threatening danger.

◊ Distribution of famine or flood aid support craft. Relief work (United Nations).

◊ Heavy load movement across difficult surfaces

◊ Civil emergency & infrastructure support

◊ Fire support in hard to access locations and airports near swamps,  shallow water and tidal regions

◊ Oil industry survey, exploration & pipeline patrol.

◊ Electrical Power-line patrol & safety.

◊ Remote mining access support vehicle.

◊ River, lake & port geological surveys.

◊ Mud & riverbed sampling.

◊ Wildlife conservation and research

◊ Oil spill clean up

◊ Transportation or “island-hopping”

◊ Forestry

◊ Mosquito abatement

◊ Charter operations and passenger ferries

◊ Dive recovery teams

◊ Water management

◊ Environmental projects & clean-up operations.

◊ Airport bird scaring/support/rescue services.

◊ Coastal civil engineering & bridge construction & repair/maintenance.

◊ Transport, service & safety craft for river & low tide coastal work where 24-hour access is vital for staff safety.

◊ Fish farm & low tide access for shrimp, mussel and cockle farming.

◊ Fishing anywhere … including ice fishing

◊ Recreation. Rental Operations, Corporate entertainment. Education, schools. Summer fetes & shows.

◊ Access to Riverside, lakeside & island properties. Hovercraft travel over mud, sand & ice.

◊ SuperYacht Tenders – Traveling from land to water where there is no boat dock

◊ Filming & TV work. Store sales & advertising (Harrods).

◊ Transport in environmentally sensitive areas where habitat, erosion and soil compaction are a concern

◊ Retrieving birds from tailings ponds at mining sites

◊ TV and film companies (James Bond movies often use hovercraft)

◊ Entertainment at water shows

◊ Agricultural spraying; cranberry, rice and pecan farming.

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Commercial Hovercraft

Commercial Hovercraft – Industrial Grade Difference

Commercial hovercraft need to be durable; many smaller hovercraft are made from thin glass fiber since hovercraft are weight sensitive vehicles, and suppliers try to loose weight wherever possible. The Hov Pod are unique, either manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Carbon Fibre and Kevlar.   The hull of both the SPX and Infinity carry a 5 year warranty.

Standard version Hov Pod has no glass, plexiglas or plastic windows as these parts tend to wear and break. A cabin is an option however, clear view, easy access for entry, exit, loading, unloading and quick deployment are standard. On our Infinity model the deck, flatbed or cabin is a huge blank canvass that can be optimized to fit your project, from shuttle to all terrain laboratory.

Our proprietary skirt design is a unique polyurethane / nylon weave & fabric combination with anti-rip properties & incredible wear resistance.  Hov Pod are engineered for full-time daily production and the Hov Pod skirt is designed to put in overtime.  The unique anti-plough IAPSS skirt design gives far greater flexibility, continued operational ability & high speed safety against rapid and sudden deceleration.

Hov Pod Commercial Hovercraft UN

Hov Pod Commercial Hovercraft – Industrial Reliability

Consequently, Commercial hovercraft must be reliable, easy to use and maintain, and safe to use. As a result the Hov Pod SPX TCC is CAD designed, with engineering parts produced using CNC for digital accuracy.

Therefore IP65 and IP66 electrical connectors secure wiring in the waterproof electrical box. Most noteworthy fans that rotate at 2000 rpm, front and rear guards to the fan assembly are guarded and secured.

Furthermore the Hov Pod SPX TCC 120HP Turbo seats as many as 4 persons, and the Hov Pod Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo with carbon Fibre hull seats as many as 9 persons.

In addition, Both hovercraft are powered by the Polaris 160HP Turbo powered 4 stroke engine. As a result excellent power to weight to deliver impressive power for starting on water.

Hov Pod Commercial Hovercraft


Commercial Hovercraft Video & Gallery

Finally, a Truck Styled Hovercraft, introducing the Hov Pod Carbon Infinity 750. In addition haul as many as 9 people or 1500 lbs. (678 kgs)..

In conclusion, Commercial Hovercraft are extremely useful because, they possess unique abilities. Rather fly smoothly over land, still or swift water.

Most noteworthy, their high speed amphibious capabilities are almost unaffected by the movement or the depth of water.