Exploration Hovercraft – Earths Most Remote Regions

Hov Pod can assist in Oil & Gas Exploration, Mineral Exploration, Military, Defense, UXO, and Security Applications, Agricultural Geophysics, Treasure Exploration, and Infrastructure, Dike & Levee Inspection and Groundwater Exploration.

Hov Pod Exploration Hovercraft have been used to explore craters, in Iceland, provided the Mining, Oil & Gas and exploration industry a tremendous advantage over traditional methods of transportation used in these industries. Hov Pod Exploration Hovercraft are used for diamond mining exploration in Africa and by the Colombian government to explore the jungle near the Andean Foothills in and around the Amazon.

Working in places like the Arctic can be an unforgiving, punishing and a lonely occupation. Humanity has never let those facts stop them from exploring our vast and lonely planet. People who work or play in these conditions, scientist, their support teams or even adventurers exploring the wilderness, prefer to do this safely, they depend on their equipment. That’s why many professionals demand Hov Pod Exploration Hovercraft. Don’t settle for a hovercraft, own a Hov Pod.

In Archaeological Reconnaissance, vast areas can be rapidly surveyed to locate areas of interest. Hearths, habitation sites, graves, privies, foundation walls, burned structural poles and rocks used for construction are just a few of the archaeological targets detectable at significant depth with a Magnetometer.

Hov Pod Exploration Hovercraft

Oil And Gas Exploration

Hov Pod Exploration Hovercraft can travel over many different types of terrain. In the past we have supplied hovercraft to detect UXO, to provide safety and security patrols of oil and gas pipelines, and electricity supply pylons in areas out of reach to other vehicles.

Hov Pod have amassed thousands of hours of operation flying over unlikely terrain in remote regions as diverse as the mine-strewn foreshores of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Far East, Caribbean, Africa, South America and the Arctic Circle. For Security, Surveys, Fieldwork, Expeditions and environmental exploration.

The Hov Pod SPX can be equipped with magnetometers, ground penetrating radar, echo sounders and other detection equipment to undertake work in a controlled and cost effective manner. The Hov Pod SPX has a very light footprint and when configured with GPS mapping can be driven at walking pace in difficult terrain and hazardous conditions, to undertake precise sub surface scans.

Exploration Hovercraft


Exploration Hovercraft Travel Technology

Hov Pod Exploration Hovercraft fly over different terrain seamlessly, can land and take off from water. Hov Pod are designed specifically for stability, durability, buoyancy and salt water operation. Hov Pod Exploration Hovercraft are engineered to be all terrain workhorses able carry up 9 people or deliver a 1500 lbs (680Kg) payload, they are affordable. easy to purchase, operate, maintain and use. Hov Pod are the world’s most durable hovercraft, we offer a 5 year warranty on our hull and a 12 month warranty on parts and labor.

In search and rescue operations, Hov Pod keep first responders above the danger, not in it. Because Hov Pod safely hover 9 inches above the sand or water, they can get close to victims that a boat or helicopter can’t reach.

Hov Pod are safer and more fuel-efficient than boats, they are affordable, easy to purchase, operate, maintain and use.  Don’t settle for a hovercraft, own a Hov Pod.