Military Hovercraft – Commercial Grade

First of all, Hov Pod Military hovercraft are Commercial Grade and the only vehicle suitable for many areas inaccessible to conventional vehicles.  

Furthermore, all terrain capability means Military Hovercraft acting immediately taking a direct line for fast response. Due to a lack of concern for water depth or other surface limitations in its path, hovercraft respond quickly..

Subsequently, during flooding emergencies when the military are called upon to help with civil relief, hovercraft are not hindered.  Because normally above water objects such as wire fences, walls furniture etc that prevents boat operations.

Consequently, hovercraft are the right vehicle for humanitarian rescue or relief distribution during flooding.  Because a craft used for patrol or commercial uses, are quickly be adapted and moved to assist governments and aid agencies.

Borders now stretch over a range of surface obstructions, as a result military budgets must also adapt.  Since hovercraft enable more craft to be deployed to cover rivers, inland and coastal border areas are provided far better coverage.

Therefore, military hovercraft out perform several types of other conventional vehicles in all terrain or amphibious applications. Consequently, military hovercraft are more effective than helicopters during many patrol and rescue operations.

Hence a superior rapid response than helicopters, conventional vehicles or larger far more expensive, less portable and complex hovercraft.


Military hovercraft


Military Hovercraft – Patrol Capabilities

Furthermore, Hov Pod the only hovercraft used operationally everyday, they also operate in areas where conventional vehicles don’t. Rather over flooded land, mud, riverbed, shallow water/tidal regions, rapid, shingle beaches, shores, and open water. 

In addition grass, sand, desert, swamps, marshland, prairie, wetland, meadow, bogs, bayou, weeds, submerged plants snow, ice and sandbanks.  Also off road, on road, or any flat surface, while flying at speeds up to 45 mph, without effecting wild life or ecology.

Especially relevant, role versatility, hovercraft operations include reconnaissance, policing, border patrol, surveillance and special forces retrieval. As a result, hovercraft undertake multi surface operations including interception acting on downstream communications from airborne surveillance.

Consequently, ideal vehicle for humanitarian rescue or relief distribution during flooding. Since hovercraft have no submerged propeller that could get damaged ending operations and deliver complete operational flexibility.   

In addition to being faster than a helicopter winch that only has the ability winch one casualty at a time. While Military hovercraft operate in fog and monsoon conditions, therefore rescue multiple victims simultaneously.

Because hovercraft are able to operate around power lines and trees with no downdraft to disrupt surface operations. As a result aid can be delivered accurately and safely rather than by throwing from moving craft.

Consequently no visible wave or wake makes the military hovercraft hard to locate especially in calm or night conditions. Subsequently very little acoustic pressure or magnetic signals, less prone to activating mines, while operating on land or water.

Military Hovercraft


Military Hovercraft – Patrol Characteriscs

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Reliable: Safe and easy to maintain: CAD/CNC technology and high grade components ensure superb engineering tolerances for minimum maintenance. Simple design and easy access to all components mean that servicing does not require specialists and downtime is minimized.

Extensive safety features give operators worry free operation.

Easy to deploy: Easy to tow behind or carry on traditional vehicles and are supplied with 45 second quick launch trailer.  Quickly and safely deployed anywhere, and launch and return to shore without special ramps or the need for operators to disembark into water.

Defense personnel are not left exposed to observation or attack whilst wading slowly through surf or soft ground with wet heavy clothing.

Simple design and controls: A low center of gravity combined with a simple single engine operation and with all unnecessary elevators. Include trim levers etc removed ensures great maneuverability and very simple operation.

Simplicity means that with minimal operator training all operators learns basics of operation after only one hours training. Multi operator use where the operator concentrates solely on the task in hand without the need for specialist pilots.

Military Hovercraft


Military Hovercraft – Commercial Durability

Compact plastic construction: Larger hovercraft and boats are easier to detect. The hovercraft wait up hidden on shore or on small islands hidden by clutter where least expected.

The compact plastic construction produces a very low radar cross section. The Hov Pod hovercraft are dropped by parachute for rapid deployment.

HDPE construction: HDPE composite construction is extremely strong, lightweight and remains buoyant even if damaged. HDPE has excellent properties to withstand damage to enable use in harsh all terrain environments and are easily modified and configured to accept customer specified mounts and other specialist equipment.

Carbon Fibre / Kevlar Composite construction: This material is exceptionally strong, rigid and very lightweight thus providing excellent operational characteristics yet at a more affordable price than helicopters or traditionally heavier military hovercraft.

Propietary Skirt Design: A unique polyurethane / nylon weave & fabric combination with anti-rip properties & incredible wear resistance.  The unique anti-plough IAPSS skirt design has far greater flexibility, continued operational ability & high speed safety against rapid and sudden deceleration.

Salt Water Operational: Hov Pod unlike other craft are also designed for salt water operation.  Enclosed quick lift off engine covers, high specification electrical components and stainless steel fittings that minimize corrosion, while increasing operational reliability and safety.

Military Hovercraft


Military Hovercraft – Return On Investment

Value for money:

Finally, compare value by dividing the cost of a heavier military hovercraft by its on-water payload to calculate cost per Kg or pound of payload. Hence, deduct specialist pilots weight from payload availability to note actual available payload for operatives and equipment. 

Low purchase and operational cost:

Rather, Hov Pod Military hovercraft are very affordable craft to purchase operate and maintain. Consequently, one Hov Pod is cheaper to purchase than the daily operating, staffing and service costs of a helicopter.

Furthermore, skilled pilots are not required and as borders stretch over a range of surface obstructions.  As a result, several low cost Hov Pod spread military budgets over a wider area.

Therefore, craft deployed to patrol inland and coastal border areas, provide excellent security protection.  As a result better response than helicopters, conventional vehicles or larger far more expensive, less portable and complex hovercraft.

In conclusion We the cost of a larger military hovercraft, many smaller Hov Pod hovercraft could be purchased, to provide better coverage and more effective border patrol.

Military Hovercraft









Military Hovercraft Uses

The role of hovercraft was recently discussed in Asian Military Review magazine with a look at both very large hovercraft and the role the Hov Pod craft could make to shore operations and disaster relief.