Transport Grade Hovercraft

Hov Pod Transport Hovercraft are the most durable hovercraft in the world. Hov Pod Transport Hovercraft can operate over flooded land, mud, riverbeds, shallow water/tidal regions, rapids, shingle beaches, open water, grass, sand, desert, swamps, marshland, wetlands, meadows, bogs, bayous, mud, shores, weeds, submerged plants, snow, ice, roads, shallow lakes dried up salt marshes, sandbanks, roads, indeed any flat surface at speeds up to 45 mph without effecting wild life or the ecology.
Hov Pod hover on a cushion of air and can carry up 9 people or deliver a 1500 lbs (680Kg) payload to a remote destination. Hov Pod can rescue survivors in a disaster or provide an outside the box adventure experience to places unexplored.
Hov Pod Transport Hovercraft are engineered to be full-time all terrain workhorses, powerful, durable, affordable, easy to own, operate, maintain and use. Hov Pod deliver a huge return on investment by completing missions, saving lives, reducing travel time, flying over unforgiving terrain or transporting people and products to places no other vehicle can go.
The ride sensation is rather like levitation, allowing the driver to flit from surface to surface, from land to water to land, to perform 180 turns, or 360 spins – you are literally floating on air. Hear the gasp from passengers when you do not stop as the water’s edge as you fly up and over the beach, and then back out the sea. Easy to drive, no specialist pilot required.

Transport hovercraft

Transport Hovercraft Yacht Tender Excursions

The Hov Pod Transport Hovercraft are very popular with SuperYacht owners or a group of people seek an excursion for leisure, recreation education, physical purposes, observation of natural phenomena, extracurricular exercises, or to visit a natural or geographical feature. Hov Pod Transport Hovercraft also make for great guest entertainment, so if you charter out the yacht, offer hovercraft to your guests.
So imagine the problem, you have amassed a fortune, ordered and taken delivery of your SuperYacht, but your captain tells you that you cannot get ashore to visit the casino due to low tide. Boats, RIB’s and PWC tend to crash through waves, the Hov Pod has a natural built in air-cushion suspension fitted as standard; this provides the ability to glide over the surface of the water to provide a far more comfortable ride; typical hover height around 9 inches (0.25 meter) above the surface.
Traditional boat tenders have propellers that get snagged on underwater obstacles, manatees, sea turtle, coral, and don’t work so well over sand or mud – get a hovercraft! Hovercraft have no propellers to get snagged – they fly at a typical cruising height of 9 inches over any flat surface. Hovercraft reach the parts that others fear to tread – if the tide is out, just fly over the mud or sand, up the beach, step onto firm ground without ever getting your gucci shoes wet – no gucci gucci goo for you.
Never flown a Hod Pod? Riding on a cushion of air is so liberating, like a magic carpet – so comfortable. Let’s face it, RIB tenders are fun, but crashing through the waves can give the old back a bit of a workout – hovercraft have built in air suspension and glide like a Bentley.

River Hovercraft

Transport Hovercraft Ultimate Alternative

Because road transportation is the common and most used means of transportation across the world, the existing road networks and infrastructure are just not enough anymore to support the huge pressure. In fact, the traffic jam faced by commuters in some of the world big cities is leading entrepreneurs to provide a better alternative to road transport. Water and off road transport remains one of the most underdeveloped and underexploited means of transport across the developing world, Hov Pod is answering the call.

Off-road tours have also become an extremely popular day excursion for many vacationers, as it is a reasonably priced vacation activity that can be enjoyed by every member of the family. Generally, off-road tours are offered in half-day or all-day packages to clients. In addition to excursions, water taxi service has become popular.

Don’t settle for a hovercraft, own a Hov Pod.

Transport hovercraft


Transport Hovercraft – People and Products

Hov Pod Transport Hovercraft fly over different terrain seamlessly, can land and take off from water. Hov Pod are designed specifically for stability, durability, buoyancy and salt water operation. Hov Pod Transport Hovercraft are engineered to be all terrain workhorses able carry up 9 people or deliver a 1500 lbs (680Kg) payload, they are affordable. easy to purchase, operate, maintain and use. Hov Pod are the world’s most durable hovercraft, we offer a 5 year warranty on our hull and a 12 month warranty on parts and labor.

In search and rescue operations, Hov Pod keep first responders above the danger, not in it. Because Hov Pod safely hover 9 inches above the sand or water, they can get close to victims that a boat or helicopter can’t reach. Hov Pod are safer and more fuel-efficient than boats, they are affordable, easy to purchase, operate, maintain and use.