The Ultimate USV – Unmanned Hovercraft

USV – Unmanned Hovercraft, Hov Pod All Terrain and Amphibious (USV) could revolutionize land-air-ocean-based, security, military and surveillance operations, hovercraft fly at eye level. UAV’s have been around for nearly a decade. The move to unman with other types of vehicles is inevitable, unmanned vehicles are in the air, on the road and in the water. Boats currently hold the title of Unmanned Surface Vehicle USV, however they are ocean bound.

Hov Pod unmanned hovercraft and USV systems provide extended surface capabilities for many important commercial and military applications by operating seamlessly over land, any flat off road terrain or on water. When integrated with compatible UAV systems, this platform delivers the world’s most versatile surface to air surveillance solution.


Unmanned Hovercraft

Hov Pod USV systems utilize advanced sensor module for lookout duties on-board the craft, continuously fusing sensor data from existing navigational systems. This could be radar and AIS (automatic ID system), combined with daylight and infrared cameras.

Hov Pod unmanned hovercraft systems are able to utilize autonomous navigation system that follows a predefined voyage or travel plan, but with a certain degree of freedom to adjust the route in accordance with legislation and good seamanship.

Hov Pod USV system can be integrated with an autonomous engine and monitoring control system, which enriches craft engine automation systems with certain failure-pre-detection functionalities.

Hov Pod USV system mobile control center can continuously monitor and control the vessel after it is released from its crew.

Hov Pod unmanned hovercraft system options include an all-terrain control center operator who monitors the operation of several autonomous drone at the same time from a mobile hovercraft control station controlling smaller hovercraft and the drones.

USV systems

Hov Pod HoverHomeTM is a mobile all-terrain and amphibious automated battery swap station, that not only allows for operation in remote areas but when a drones battery gets low, our robotic station can land the drone, swap the battery with a freshly charged one, and relaunch the drone to resume its mission. All without a pilot or crew onboard.

Hov Pod unmanned hovercraft systems are expanding the capabilities of commercial drones, providing mobile control, mobile recharging and by allowing for launching and landing of UAV from the water, amphibious, remote or hard to reach terrain. Enabling near-continuous flights with minimal down time, this mobile automated battery swap station ensures data is collected when and where it is needed in a data-driven world.

Hov Pod USV system offers networked mobile control stations that can take over direct remote control of either the USV or the UAV team in certain situations such as operations that are moving from ocean to land.