RifleDazz Non-lethal Laser Dazzler

The RifleDazz Non-lethal Laser Dazzler is a completely self-contained, high power green laser device that provides the longest range of Non-lethal deterrence of any technology currently available. The RifleDazz is an ergonomically designed unit, which enables the user to apply the power of the PodDazz-5 laser module on static and moving targets effectively.

The RifleDazz Laser Dazzler has received an outstandingly positive response from operational users. The RifleDazz Laser Dazzler gives the user a balanced ergonomically shaped weapon system, with embedded control electronics, power and fire safety switches, pica-tinny rails, textured grips and emergency battle sights (EBS). The system also hosts a changeable, rechargeable battery system providing extended operational usage.

Key Features

◊ High power Non-lethal green laser—5000mW
◊ Continuous operation in excess of 60 minutes between charges (per battery)
◊ Fully Sealed for outdoor applications (IP66) and sturdy construction for use in arduous environments
◊ A stable design with all the additional available ancillaries the user requires
◊ The only system of its kind; designed by users for users


◊ Laser Power
◊ Wavelength
◊ Beam Divergence

520 nanometers
6 mrad


◊ Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
◊ Protection

Unit ships with 2 x Detachable batteries, 18 Ah total capacity
Over-voltage / over current protection meets MIL-STD-1275D


◊ Total Weight
◊ Dimensions

6kg (with battery)
713 (l) x 300 (h) x 60 (w) mm


◊ Charge Connector
◊ Battery Charger
◊ Laser Control

2 pin (Mil-C-26482)
Rechargeable battery charged directly from mains power


◊ Standards
◊ Operation Temp
◊ Humidity
◊ Dust/Sand
◊ Wind/Rain/Fog
◊ Salt Spray
◊ Material
◊ RoHS Compliance

Designed to IP66
-20’C to +50’C
100% relative humidity, non-condensing
Sustained exposure to blowing dust/sand
MIL-810F Salt Spray
ABS and Aluminum

Rifle Components

◊ Picatinny Rails
◊ Trigger
◊ Emergency Battle Sights (EBS)
◊ Front and Rear Sling Loops

3 standard
Single line trigger design
Foresight and rear sight
Dual sided single loops for fitting of all sling types