Adventure hovercraft – Hov Pod

Adventure Hovercraft provide a unique adventure experience to places normally inaccessible and unexplored. With thousands of square miles around the world suited to four-wheel-drive and designated open to off-highway vehicles (OHV), all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and snowmobiles, off-highway trips have become a popular pastime for many fun seekers, explorers and adventurers.

However, not all off highway areas are open to OHV and ATV use, mountains, deserts and flood plains are fragile, remote and often adjacent to private land, it is illegal for most users to travel off the designated trails, so it is important to heed all rules and restrictions in order to protect yourself and the landscape.

Off-road enthusiasts can access and enjoy many thousands of those exclusive acres by flying Hov Pod Adventure hovercraft.

Adventure Hovercraft

Adventure hovercraft Exclusive Access

There are thousands of beautiful miles around the world that (OHV), all-terrain vehicles (ATV) are unable to reach, where a Hov Pod Adventure hovercraft can be used and enjoyed.

Hours of fun can be had on lakes and rivers exploring where no other craft can go, as well as on snow covered fields, frozen lakes, on mud, marshes, deltas, desert and even on the ocean depending on the conditions.

Like other off-road vehicles you can access acres of terrain by using the Trail Systems and other designated areas but to reach fragile, remote or unexplored regions you are able fly over and land in these areas because they won’t be affected or damaged by a Hov Pod adventure hovercraft.  Hov Pod Adventure hovercraft can access protected lands, forest, state and federal parks, places that are off limits to vehicles that cause damage with they’re tires.  Reach wilderness areas few people have seen, discover new landscapes, different views, access secluded and remote territory, make each hovercraft journey a one of a kind adventure.

Adventure Hovercraft

Hov Pod Adventure hovercraft Fun

Hov Pod Adventure hovercraft are fun – you can fly on a cushion of air over any flat surface, and travel from land to water to land without any problems. The air cushion suspension is very comfortable, especially compared to 4Xs, motorcycles and Jet Skis – you don’t feel you have been to the gym or need a chiropractor the morning after riding a Hov Pod adventure hovercraft. Hov Pod adventure hovercraft can take you almost anywhere on a cushion of air.

You float in a boat, ride in a truck, but fly in a Hov Pod – cruising at an altitude of 9 inches above the surface. Hov Pod Adventure Hovercraft are easy to operate, just use the handlebars to alter the direction of air passing over the rudders at the rear of the craft. Floating on a bubble of air diminishes friction, so you can glide, slide, do 180 turns, complete 360s – float up the beach to get an ice-cream. With no propeller to damage manatees, sea turtles, or get snagged on rocks or coral, you can reach places that boats cannot, far from the noisy crowd, to reach prime fishing areas. Hov Pod allow you to fly to a unexplored natural ecosystem and return to camp and park next to your tent.

Hov Pod Adventure Hovercraft replace Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Cars, 4X4 Trucks, Campers, Motor Boats, Tour Buses, Tour Boats, Minivans, SUVs, Rafts, Kayaks, Canoes and Snowmobiles. Hov Pod adventure are ideal for recreation, adventures, excursions, tours, vacations, island hopping and cruising on any amphibious or flat earth bound terrain. Hov Pod provide an outside the box adventure experience to places normally inaccessible and unexplored.

Adventure Hovercraft

Important adventure hovercraft Information

It is important to obtain the most current map when you come to these areas to ride. Routes are not always signed on the ground, but will be identified on the map. It is your responsibility to not get lost if you don’t stay on the designated trails and travel safely.

All state and local laws should be followed, manufacturer’s operator guidelines should be followed. Unlike ATV driver Hod Pod adventure hovercraft do not need a need a valid driver’s license and a licensed ATV. However check with the state you are in. Like ATV use is Hov Pod Adventure Hovercraft are prohibited on the interstate highway system or paved roads.

For current information check the state and any related documents and files, including maps. There may be Trail System fees or annual passes needed. For motorized trail permits to use the appropriate DMV system, service offices, outlets and online.

Don’t settle for a hovercraft, own a Hov Pod.