Fishing Hovercraft

Do you want to fly a Hov Pod Fishing Hovercraft? Yes you do!.
In fact, innovative anglers around the world have been using small, portable Hov Pod Fishing Hovercraft to fly 9 inches over ice, mud and shallow water for years.
Hov Pod, we are have recently opened a stateside offices on the West Coast of CA, and we are ramping up. Anglers use Hov Pod to get them on and off the water quickly, and into areas a boat were not able to reach. If that doesn’t sound like a fantasy, we don’t know what to tell you. Hov Pod can handle ice fishing, freshwater fishing and salt water.
Hov Pod are easy to launch, amazingly simple to operate and successful at getting into the right spot. If you squint, you can almost picture one of these unusual, flying fishing vessels hanging around Catalina Island.
Hov Pod Fishing Hovercraft can fit rod holders, VHF radio, GPS and fish finders, and that the high density polyethylene hull is easier to mount gear to than a fiberglass hull. You can get over fast running and shallow water to get access to areas boats cannot reach. The Hov Pod have a flat bottom, so they are really stable and allow you to stand up while fishing, they float really well.
Hov Pod Fishing Hovercraft attract positive attention everywhere, it’s not so hard to imagine Hov Pod carving out a niche in the same way airboats have. After all, what angler doesn’t want to fly to the fishing hole?

Fishing Hovercraft

Fishing Hovercraft vs Fishing Boat

◊ Boats can’t safely operate in shallow water or where there are underwater obstacles or debris

◊ Boats can’t be landed on the shore without worrying about tidal movement – Hov Pod Fishing Hovercraft can!

◊ Boats need to anchor or moor or be removed from the water (a complicated and potentially risky procedure) – hovercraft can be driven back onto land and “parked” until they are next used.

◊ Hov Pod use much less fuel than a typical motor boat.

◊ Boats have surface piercing hulls and propellers and water-polluting exhausts – Hov Pod Fishing Hovercrafthave none of these things, they don’t generate a damaging wake or pollute the water!

◊ Boats need slipways or smooth hard surfaces to launch from which are tide state dependent. Hov Pod Fishing Hovercraft can be launched, without causing damage, over grass banks, mud flats or almost any surface onto water (and can even safely cross beaches or mudflats to reach the water no matter how far out the tide is!).

There is little difference in sea handling capability between a Hov Pod Fishing Hovercraft and a fishing boat of similar size. In good conditions, a boat might be able to carry a heavier load.

The most common question people ask about Hov Pod Fishing Hovercraft is “will it float if the engine stops?” – the answer is YES, Hov Pod Fishing Hovercraft have full positive buoyancy and can be safely stopped on water indefinitely (fishing and just floating around are popular activities).

Hov Pod Fishing Hovercraft can be used any place that a boat can be used. They have the same navigation rights (and responsibilities!) as other watercraft. Tidal water is normally freely navigable, you can also use rivers (only on the tidal sections without consent) or inland waterways such as lakes (consent will probably be required).

Fishing Hovercraft


Fishing Hovercraft and Recreation Video

Though they hover commercial fishing hovercraft need to have a very strong hull to take punishment in day to day use, over ice, water, debris, stones, rocks, rough terrain, bumps and dips in the surface. The Hov Pod fishing hovercraft hull is practically indestructible and outperforms all other hovercraft. The hull of both the SPX and Infinity carry a 5 year warranty.

Hov Pod come in unique sizes the Carbon Infinity 750 the first ever Truck Styled Hovercraft go here ap world comparative essay prompts source url pgce essay questions source site farmacia roma cialis senza ricetta college essay paper help essay about fast food and traditional food effects of not taking synthroid rain for me essay follow levitra camden achat cialis pour la suisse resume writing services hawaii how many people take abilify discrimination is a virtue essay female viagra vogue cialis manual stimulation best creative essay ghostwriter site for college does insurance cover viagra and cialis  hauls up to 9 people or 1500 lbs. (678 kgs) and it has a cargo bay.

Hov Pod fishing hovercraft unlike many other craft are also designed for salt water operation with enclosed quick lift off engine covers, high specification electrical components and stainless steel fittings that minimize corrosion, while increasing operational reliability and safety.

Quality and performance for long product life, low depreciation The Hov Pod are in a class of its own.