Yacht Tender Hovercraft

The Hov Pod Yacht Tender hovercraft are very popular with Yacht owners or groups of people on a cruise that seek an excursion for leisure, recreation, exploration, observation of natural phenomena, extracurricular exercises, or geographical features. Hov Pod Yacht Tender Hovercraft also make for great guest entertainment, so if you charter out the yacht, offer Hov Pod to your guests.
So imagine the problem, you have amassed a fortune, ordered and taken delivery of your Super Yacht, but your captain tells you that you cannot get ashore to visit the casino due to low tide. Boats, RIB’s and PWC tend to crash through waves, Hov Pod Have a natural built in air-cushion suspension fitted as standard; this provides the ability to glide over the surface of the water to provide a far more comfortable ride; typical hover height around 9 inches (0.25 meter) above the surface. The tender is one of the items where 100% reliability is needed, each guest uses it and it is the first and last thing they see or ride on when going to or from the yacht, there is nothing more reliable than a Hov Pod. A wet uncomfortable tender ride does not go down well with guests, you won’t wet in a Hov Pod.
The truth is there are many reasons Hov Pod make great Super Yacht Tender, but the reasons differ from yacht to yacht, because it all depends on what the yacht needs. To help you figure out if a Hov Pod Hovercraft will work for you, let’s simply answer the questions below.
• How many people will need to board the tender?
• How far will the tender be travelling?
• How will the tender be lifted onto the yacht and where will it be stored?
• What is the tender’s primary purpose i.e. transportation, water sports, excursions, exploration?

Tender Hovercraft

Yacht Tender Hovercraft Capacity

The answer to this question will have the biggest effect on the tender and you would be surprised how many owners and captains get it wrong. Depending on how many people need to fit on the tender, will determine its size, power consumption, storage, lifting needs, weight and cost.  Hov Pod are light and easy to move on board.

Many yacht owners think a tender needs to have the capacity to transport the maximum number of guests their yacht can fit. However most tenders often run ashore with only one, two or three on board.  https://servingourchildrendc.org/format/child-development-term-paper/28/ https://vabf.org/reading/creative-writing-poetry-kcl/250/ source url essay writing 123 my student life essay in hindi go get link jobs in editing and proofreading https://sanctuaryforest.org/prompts/kellogg-emba-sample-essays/19/ gerneric augmentin overnight buy viagra lebanon go levitra randolph afb see url go to link cialis market share 2009 essay republic day celebration cialis link online phentermine search 20mbweb com essay about my favourite character https://www.aestheticscienceinstitute.edu/medical/qual-a-diferena-entre-o-viagra-e-o-pramil/100/ cialis kmart https://cadasb.org/pharmacy/cialis-consegna-24-ore/13/ essays+media follow history of architecture thesis topics lasix damage kidneys refugia hypothesis professionalism essay cheap cialis tadalafil gmat application essays evaluative essay about bullying hauhechelwurzel wirkung viagra The SPX 65HP will carry three people, the SPZ 120Hp will carry up to four and the Carbon Infinty 750 will haul up to 9 people.

On the odd occasion, where the number of guests outweighs the capacity of the tender, it may be worth weighing up if the increase in size, cost and weight is more important than simply running two trips.

Yacht Tender Hovercraft Lifting and Storage

It goes without saying that whatever method is used to lift and store the tender, the safe working load in most cases always adhered to a built-in davit that has a SWL of one ton, a Hov Pod  Yacht Tender Hovercraft and all equipment on board, weigh much less than this. Most yacht davit or crane manufactures do not build a lot of spare margin into their equipment. So before you buy any other tender make sure it can be lifted out of the water.

Tender Hovercraft

What is the main purpose of the tender?

After thinking about all the Hov Pod  capabilities, it’s now time to think about what will be the main use of the tender. The most common uses for a superyacht tender are, exploration, transportation, excursions, water sport and for crew duties. Below are the key features each tender should have for each particular purpose. Let’s see how Hov Pod stacks up?

Key features for an exploration tender

If the tender will be used primarily for excursions, safety should be one of the top priorities as more than likely the tender will be venturing into unfamiliar waters. Long range, fast and a sturdy hull should be top of this list. However other key features to consider include a decent amount of storage and comfortable seating.

Hov Pod  Yacht Tender Hovercraft can operate over flooded land, mud, riverbeds, shallow water/tidal regions, rapids, shingle beaches, open water, grass, sand, desert, swamps, marshland, wetlands, meadows, bogs, bayous, mud, shores, weeds, submerged plants, snow, ice, roads, shallow lakes dried up salt marshes, sandbanks, roads, indeed any flat surface at speeds up to 45 mph without effecting wild life or the ecology.

Hov Pod hover on a cushion of air and can carry up 9 people or deliver a 1500 lbs (680Kg) payload to a remote destination, just on the beach

Key features for a transportation tender

Transportation tenders will often carry VIP guests to and from the shore. They will need to be luxurious, large, comfortable and give a lasting impression.

Never flown a Hov Pod  Yacht Tender Hovercraft? Riding on a cushion of air is so liberating, like a magic carpet – so comfortable. Let’s face it, RIB tenders are fun, but crashing through the waves can give the old back a bit of a workout – Hov Pod have built in air suspension and glide like a Bentley

Tender Hovercraft


Hov Pod Yacht Tender Hovercraft Video

The range the yacht tender will need to travel will also make a big difference to which tender is best suited. A tender that is primarily used for exploration for example will need to have a fairly large fuel tank due to the all terrain travel needed and also to keep guests entertained.

Another scenario is if the yacht will be chartered in unfamiliar waters. Often the yacht will need to be anchored a fair distance from shore to avoid rocks/sandbanks. This situation will often require a tender with high speed and long range. Traditional boat tenders have propellers that get snagged on underwater obstacles, manatees, sea turtle, coral, Hov Pod  Yacht Tender Hovercraft have no propellers to get snagged – they fly at a typical cruising height of 9 inches over the water, Hov Pod range can be extended to what is needed.