Mud Rescue

Hovercraft are used over mud in many applications as they are particularly suited to use over mud.

No other vehicle can transverse mud and tidal areas or swamps as well as Hov Pod hovercraft.

They have been used in patrol of border areas where mud prevents use of any other vehicles.

Rescue operations over mud mean that people who are stuck in mud or stranded after flooding can be quickly found and retrieved.

Some properties are built over mud, swaps or tidal areas and sit on stilts or pilings above the mud. In the event of fire then these properties need to be accessed and the Hov pod fire fighting hovercraft is particularly suited to this role. Fully equipped to tackle fires it can respond quickly to fight the fire and rescue people.

Commercial operators need to gain access to muddy and tidal areas for bridge or building maintenance and the Hov Pod hovercraft can move a crew and gear to these locations quickly and easily.

Shell fishing takes place in mud areas in many parts of the work and it can be very costly to get workers and the produce to and from the shore.

Parts of the world have problems with UXO (un-exploded Ordinance) in mud and tidal areas and this can prevent any person, vehicle or pipeline traversing this territory. Hov Pod craft are uniquely suitable to work in these areas to find any UXO.