Multi Rotor Drone Range

We offer a complete range of multi rotor drones that can be configured with multiple payloads including EO/IR cameras, mapping technology etc.

With payloads from 0.5kg up to heavy lift 50kg (and 130kg coming soon). and operational ranges with range extenders from GCS of up to 100km we offer the ability to conduct surveillance operations with multiple payload options in remote and border locations.

Flight times of up to 300 minutes give long range patrol and permanent operation options without need to return and change battery frequently.

Whether you need to cover long distances or lift large payloads we have a soloution for you.

24/7 thermal 360° day & night monitoring in day or total darkness.

Detect humans, vehicles, boats, drones or other objects within seconds.

Multiple camera and sensor options.

Many options and sensor packages available. Optimize your camera setup by contacting us for spreadsheets on full DRI ratings that give you distances for detection, recognition and identification of standard objects such as humans and vehicles.

DRI ranges detect people at night with thermal camera (IR) at up to 1,500m (5,200’), detect vehicles at night at up to 4200m (14,000’).

DRI ranges detect people during day with electro optical (EO) camera at up to 8,000m (26,200’), detect vehicles at up to 22km (72,000’).

Simple to operate.

Replaces multiple perimeter or CCTV systems.

Please use these links to view our range of drones.

Super Heavy Lift

Heavy Lift