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Hov Pod Ownership

Rental Opportunities


Many people wish to experience the Hov Podding Experience, so if you have access to a lake, river, beach, or grassland, you may be interested in starting a rental company, perhaps for a lifestyle change, away from more mundane activities!. Some of our promoters travel to country shows, and charge a dollar a minute, or you could sell "Learn to Drive a Hovercraft Experience Days" through eBay, or hire your craft for corporate entertainment. Get a group of people together for maximum return, perhaps six per craft per day. We have a ride revenue calculator available upon request, if you wish to prepare a business plan. Hov Pod Promoters get discounts according to how many Hov Pods they purchase. Naturally, we are keen to work with more promoters to allow everyone the Hov Podding Experience, contact us to see whether opportunities exist in your area, we'll even supply your ride vouchers.

Hovercraft  Hovercraft

Hovercraft Buyers Guide

Why not read our Hovercraft buyers guide. Here we have created a simple guide to advise customers what to consider when buying a hovercraft. Too often we hear that customers have purchased cheaper hovercraft and have been bitterly disapointed with safety aspects, lack of reliability, performance and build quality. Here we explain why you should choose Hov Pod.

Compared to competition?

We don't think we have any competitors, since we build to marine leisure standards, and none of the other hovercraft manufacturers, so far as we know, use this criteria. In the past, hovercraft have been manufactured as race craft and self build kits, which have hindered development - this is what makes Hov Pod better than the rest, although we often get frustrated by everyone assuming that all hovercraft are the same - THEY ARE NOT !!!
We get asked to make comparisons - customers use this ploy to get discounts, so we just ask them to read our Buyers Guide and the Design Philosophy  - see - Nothing comes close to the Hov Pod - even the other day someone asked me to compare to a well name brand whose name I have forgotten, who claim on their website, and I quote  "Steering can also be controlled by the use of body weight displacement... a skill which is achieved after practice". This is very funny, we use handlebars and fingertip control to turn corners, they have the throw their body to change direction - ha ha - mind that brick wall !





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