Maritime Security Ops

Maritime Security Ops is a integrated Security and Surveillance system solution for Oil And Gas Platforms, Fish Farms, Ports And Harbors, Waterside Facilities, Marine Monuments, Marine Sanctuaries and other critical waterside infrastructure sites. Furthermore, Maritime Security Ops has been implemented by both commercial and government customers to support a wide range of security and surveillance applications.

The modular design of Maritime Security Ops hardware and software components provides a option based solution that can be scaled and customized to fit most maritime security applications. The system is designed to detect, monitor, track and identify very small targets using the exclusive Furunu Detection Radar.

In addition, the detection capabilities of the system have been tested and therefore verified against small boats (such as Jet Ski’s, rubber rafts, kayaks, and canoes).  Hence the solution also detects, surface swimmers, floating mines and other simulated waterborne improvised explosive devices.

The system can be configured to automatically detect and classify all targets within security zones. The detected targets are classified by user-defined rule sets and the system alerts the operator, while automatically assigning a camera to lock-on and track the offending targets.

Maritime Security Ops also integrates drones or hovercraft with cameras, thermal imaging devices, diver detection sonar or echo finder, automatic identification system (AIS) to provide complete maritime situational awareness.   The solution also provides enhanced aerial or surface response.

Maritime Security Ops

Maritime Security- Solutions

◊ Coastal Surveillance
◊ Maritime Border Surveillance
◊ Vessel Traffic Monitoring
◊ Naval/Military Restricted Waters
◊ Waterside Intrusion Detection

◊ Port and Harbor Surveillance
◊ Critical Infrastructure Monitoring
◊ Resource Site Protection
◊ Airport Waterside Surveillance
◊ Offshore Wind Turbine Security
◊ Fish Farm Security

◊ Oil/Gas Platform Surveillance
◊ Mobile Drilling Unit Security
◊ Vessel Intruder Detection
◊ Marine Monuments Security
◊ Marine Sanctuaries Security

Maritime Security Ops – Security and Surveillance

Maritime Security Ops is a fully integrated maritime surveillance solution. The solution fuses radar, coastal, aerial and surface electro-optical/ infrared (EO/IR), sonar or echo finder, Automatic Identification System (AIS), record/backup and replay all input data such as radar echo, video, AIS, VHF and worldwide weather forecast service, into a intuitive and understandable system.

Maritime Security Ops provides the command center with the ability to view and comprehend sensor feeds and dispatch a closer look by air or from the surface.  In addition to the fully integrated Maritime Security Ops Small Target Detection radar system, the system includes Zone Monitoring and Alarm, it also weather forecasting.

Maritime Security Ops high-resolution EO/IR cameras on the coastal edge, on drones and hovercraft enables the user to lock onto targets of interest and track them automatically. Coupled with optional countermeasures such as long range acoustic device and dazzlers, targets of interest which have been automatically classified as threats by the system can be issued directed audible warnings or engaged with non-lethal deterrents.

Maritime Security Ops uses combination of sensors, drones (UAV) and manned or autonomous hovercraft (USV) to provide a mobile, flexible and scalable surveillance solution.  As a result Maritime Security Ops is used as a stand alone marine security system or rather act as a part of a larger maritime solution network

Let us customize a full Maritime Security Solution for your application.

Maritime Security Ops

Maritime Security – Intelligence

◊ Small Target Detection radar
◊ Radar command and control
◊ Automated radar target tracker
◊ AIS/radar target correlation
◊ Automated target threat classification
◊ Coastal Monitoring, Aerial & Surface
◊ Support for swimmer detection sonar
◊ Diver Detection Echo Sounder
◊ AIS base station command and control
◊ Modular and scalable design
◊ Remote access and control

◊ Thermal Imaging Devices
◊ Zone Monitoring and Alarms
◊ Controlled Camera Management
◊ Record & Replay Function
◊ Weather Forecast Service
◊ Drone/Hovercraft Integration
◊ Surface Response Capabilities
◊ Aerial Response Capabilities
◊ Hyper Spectral (Color Definition)
◊ Lidar (Terrain Mapping)
◊ High Resolution Cameras

◊ Low Light Cameras (Night Vision)
◊ Thermal Imaging Cameras
◊ Single Beam Echo Sounders
◊ Multi Beam Echo Sounders
◊ Listening Devices & Sonar
◊ Particle & Radiation Sensors
◊ Water Depth & Sediment Sensors
◊ Microorganisms & Chemical Sensors
◊ Non Lethal Deterrents and Weapons
◊ Real-Time Communication (GPS & AIS)
◊ Integrated Data & Control Center