Oil Rig Security – Solution

First of all, Oil Rig Security is a fully integrated maritime surveillance solution. Especially relevant, the solution fuses radar, coastal, aerial and surface electro-optical/ infrared (EO/IR), sonar or echo finder, Automatic Identification System (AIS)  3D mapping, data analytics and secure communications.

Furthermore, Oil Rig Security records, backups and replays all input data such as radar echo, video, AIS, VHF and worldwide weather forecast service. As a result, it is a rather intuitive and understandable solution, yet cost much less than similar systems.

The command center also provides a view and analysis of sensor feeds and closer look capabilities. As a result, the integrated small target detection radar system, zone monitoring, alarm capability and weather conditions the solution is unparalleled.

In Addition, high-resolution EO/IR cameras on the coastal edge, also on drones and hovercraft empowers the user lock onto targets of interest and track them automatically.

A combination of sensors are also integrated into the solution. Therefore, drones (UAV) and manned or autonomous hovercraft (USV) to provide a mobile, flexible and scalable surveillance solution.

Especially relevant to the conditions, the solution operates day and night in addition to being all weather.  Monitor target areas autonomously with pre-programmed routes, prevent intrusions, migration, smuggling or vandalism systematically.

Finally, the solution is coupled with optional countermeasures such as long range acoustic device and dazzlers. Consequently, targets of interest which have been automatically classified as threats by the system are issued directed audible warnings or engaged with non-lethal deterrents.

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Oil Rig Security – Actionable Intelligence

Oil Rig Security is an ever increasing cost of oil gas production facilities as they have increasingly become targets for terrorists, pirates, green activists and general theft or vandalism. The Oil Rig Security scanning and observation solution provides proven security to offshore gas rigs and oil rigs.

These platforms infrastructures are vital to a country’s economy, and are also highly vulnerable to hostile threats. They are very strategic assets which are closely concentrated on a compact man-made structure built on top of a highly flammable source sometimes located in the middle of the ocean.

A small, yet hostile craft or swimmer carrying explosives could result in a potential security nightmare.

Oil Rig Security offers round-the-clock 24/7 observation, radar scanning and automatic intruder detection systems which are optimal for any long, medium and short range within the area surrounding the gas or oil rig, for nonstop monitoring of unfamiliar objects and for the detection of suspicious movements. In the event of an intrusion, drone and hovercraft security forces will be automatically alerted to quickly respond to the threat while it is still at a safe distance.

Because, Oil Rig Security delivers actionable intelligence from remote locations, hence you quickly respond or engage from the surface or from the air, the solution is more effective. Rather than a fixed cameras, security guards or barriers, traditional surveillance system.  Oil Rig Security is a continuous and persistent mobile security solution.

Consequently, exploiting the drone’s ability to tirelessly loiter for hours is rather important, almost from the future. Because tethered with hovercraft, a low light camera is a mobile solution capturing a visual record of everything below that moves or changes over time.

In conclusion, Oil Rig Security is a unique integration of the latest surveillance technologies, the all-terrain capability of hovercraft and the aerial capacity of drones.  As a result, increased visibility, therefore heightened awareness, while augmenting quickly responding to any alert, incident or intrusion.

Maritime Security Ops


◊ Continuous Operation 24/7
◊ Distinguish Known & Unknown Targets
◊ Track Ships & Small Boats
◊ Target Detection & Identification
◊ Underwater Target Tracking
◊ Day/Night Drone & Hovercraft Patrol
◊ Amphibious Search, Rescue and Response

◊ Record/Replay Radar Echo/Video/AIS/VHF
◊ Automatically Dispatch To Security
◊ Aerial & Surface Engagement/Response
◊ Monitor and Control Vessel Traffic
◊ Unlimited Weather Forecasts
◊ Aerial & Surface Day/Night Vision
◊ Diver Detection Sonar and Echo Sounder

◊ Tethered Drone Long Range Patrol
◊ Integrated Safety/Security Solution
◊ Long Range Radar Observation
◊ Early Detection and Alert Management
◊ Monitor Nearby Installations and Rigs
◊ Long Range Non Lethal Countermeasures
◊ Autonomous Capable Operations

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