All Terrain Security Ops

All Terrain Security Ops is a integrated Security and Surveillance system solution for Amphibious Patrol, Farm Security, Inland Waterway, Perimeter Security, Pipeline Security, Ranch Security, and Wide Area Surveillance. Furthermore, All Terrain Security Ops has been implemented by both commercial and government customers to support a wide range of security and surveillance applications.

The modular design of All Terrain Security Ops hardware and software components provides a option based solution that can be scaled and customized to fit most All Terrain security applications. The system is designed to detect, monitor, track and identify very small targets using the exclusive SpyPrem Infrared Detection Radar.

In addition, the detection capabilities of the system have been tested and therefore verified against, human activity, intrusion, theft, vandalism, migrant, terrorist and criminals. Hence the solution also detects, people, loiterers, animals, cars, trucks mines and other simulated improvised explosive devices.

The system can be configured to automatically detect and classify all targets within security zones. The detected targets are classified by user-defined rule sets and the system alerts the operator, while automatically assigning a camera to lock-on and track the offending targets.

All Terrain Security Ops also integrates drones or hovercraft with cameras, thermal imaging devices, diver detection sonar or echo finder, automatic identification system (AIS) to provide complete All Terrain and amphibious situational awareness. The solution also provides enhanced aerial or surface response.


Aerial – Surface – Sub Terrain

◊ Search Multiple Target Areas
◊ Monitor Migrating Coordinates
◊ Continuous Operations 24/7
◊ Long-term Monitoring Surface to Air
◊ Watch, Listen and Follow

◊ Identify & Track Movement
◊ Track and Monitor Underwater
◊ Respond & Engage from the Surface
◊ Respond & Engage from the Air
◊ Fight Fire Amphibiously from Water

◊ Centralized Rescue Command & Control
◊ Real-Time Data Input and Output
◊ Manned or Autonomously
◊ Disaster Areas, Floods and Storms
◊ Swamps, Ice, Mud, Wetlands, Desert


All Terrain Security Ops is a fully integrated All Terrain surveillance solution. The solution fuses hovercraft, drones, tethers, robotics, low light cameras, thermal imaging, sonar, echo, radar, sensors, AIS, VHF, weather forecast, record/backup and replay, into a intuitive and understandable system.

All Terrain Security Ops provides the command center with the ability to view and comprehend sensor feeds and dispatch a closer look by air or from the surface.  In addition to the fully integrated All Terrain Security Ops Small Target Detection radar system, the system includes Zone Monitoring and Alarms.

All Terrain Security Ops high-resolution EO/IR cameras strategically, on drones and hovercraft enables the user to lock onto targets of interest and track them automatically. Coupled with optional countermeasures such as long range acoustic device and dazzlers, targets of interest which have been automatically classified as threats by the system can be issued directed audible warnings or engaged with non-lethal deterrents.

All Terrain Security Ops uses combination of sensors, drones (UAV) and manned or autonomous hovercraft (USV) to provide a mobile, flexible and scalable surveillance solution.  As a result All Terrain Security Ops is used as a standalone perimeter security system or rather act as a part of a larger All Terrain solution network

Let us customize a full All Terrain Security Solution for your application.

All Terrains Security

Secure Inaccessible Regions

◊ Remote Unmanned Land Borders
◊ Coastal Regions – Harbors & Ports
◊ Island Countries & Low Lying Areas
◊ Inland Waterways & Rural Flatlands

◊ Oil and Gas Industry Sites
◊ Power Infrastructure – Electrical Grid
◊ Construction & Infrastructure
◊ Environmental, Forest & Wildlife

◊ Geological Sites & Mines
◊ Airports, Train & Bus Terminals
◊ Disaster Areas, Floods and Storms
◊ Swamps, Ice, Mud, Wetlands, Desert

Transport People – Goods – Help

◊ Injured Victims – Ambulance Service
◊ Stranded Individuals, Families, Pets
◊ Food and Water Relief
◊ Emergency Responders

◊ Fire & Medical Equipment
◊ Managers, Workers, Volunteers
◊ Doctors, Nurses, Medicine
◊ Soldiers, Police, Security, Fire Fighters
◊ Clothing, Shelter, Supplies

◊ Communication, Phones, Headsets
◊ Tools, Materials, Weapons
◊ Disaster Areas, Floods and Storms
◊ Swamps, Ice, Mud, Wetlands, Desert