OPTION 1 Actionable Intelligence – Amphibious Mobile Patrol

The POD Ops is unique, our solution is designed to monitor a multi-terrain area from the air, on the surface, below the surface or underwater and on any terrain.  We offer multiple tools from wide area cameras installed on drone programmed to sweep search an area, to night vision or thermal cameras that are installed on unmanned hovercraft  USV capable of traveling back and forth from land to sea or drones UAV. 

Listening devices can also be used on our drones or hovercraft, each can be outfitted with sonar and GPS.  Hovercraft can utilize single beam or multi beam echo sounders and sensors as well as provide surface response or the ability to move from water to land.  The Amphibious Mobile Patrol operation can perform surveillance over a single area or migrating coordinates and when combined with hovercraft, tethered drones or our robotic mobile drone battery swamp station a search application can operate for extended hours.

Wildlife conservationists are embracing the amphibious mobile patrol to monitor animals and any potential threats against them by using drones.

Depending on your surveillance needs, we define the number of drones and hovercraft required to patrol your area or terrain. We research areas the most vulnerable to incident, choose the most appropriate coordinates and program the route(s) for the automated patrols to effectively protect your amphibious border, river, lake or coastal border.

Our drone/hovercraft Amphibious Mobile Patrol solution allows you to secure a pre-defined area, or migrating coordinates, amphibious landscapes or normally inaccessible regions.

Amphibious Actionable Intelligence

Intelligence Payloads

◊ Hyper Spectral (Color Definition)
◊ Lidar (Terrain Mapping)
◊ High Resolution Cameras
◊ Low Lite Cameras (Night Vision)

◊ Thermal Imaging Cameras
◊ Single Beam Echo Sounders
◊ Multi Beam Echo Sounders
◊ Listening Devices & Sonar
◊ Particle & Radiation Sensors
◊ Water Depth & Sediment Sensors

◊ Microorganisms & Chemical Sensors
◊ Non Lethal Deterrents and Weapons
◊ Real-Time Communication (GPS & AIS)
◊ Integrated Data & Control Center

Option 2 Drones – Amphibious Mobile Patrol

Drones fly to any way-point in seconds, visually detects humans and tracks them, leading security personnel to suspects in real-time while streaming live video and location to operators in the control room.

With drones there is real time flight management, flight tracking, planning, and sensor data management and dissemination enabling multiple UAS operators to plan and remotely share video, pictures, and tracks.

Drones fly a pre-defined route to identify suspicious activities near the facility perimeter. The drone is able to continuously search for moving objects while on patrol, alert and stream live videos in case of suspicious movements detection.

Each of our drones have the capability of “looking down” with high resolution video cameras to survey and search an area. Via on-board video recorder or FPV (first person view) technology, we can survey extensive terrain in real time. Once a subject of interest is located, the exact location can be relayed back to the ground crew. On-board video can also be downloaded for post-flight inspection.

Average flight times for these all electric drones is usually between 10-25 minutes giving the pilot enough time with several batteries to scan an area miles in diameter using a zig-zag sweep pattern or expanding spiral search pattern. One drone can search an extensive area in minutes that might take an entire group of ground personnel to cover in hours.

Drone Highlights

◊ Carbon Fiber Frame
◊ Extended Flight Times
◊ Central Gravity 100%
◊ Lightweight & Easy to Travel

◊ Folds Down to 30%
◊ Designed By Drone Pilots
◊ Drone Payload Capacity up to 60kg
◊ Modular Rotor Configuration
◊ Unparalleled Configuration
◊ No Extra Assembly Time

◊ Can be Tethered to Hovercraft
◊ Long Term Surveillance to Tactical
◊ Designed and Built in the US.
◊ Compatible with HoverHome

OPTION 3 Hovercraft – Amphibious Mobile Patrol

Their unique abilities make Hov Pod Hovercraft extremely useful on or near wet lands, wet sand or mud, shallow water, flooded rivers, puddles, swamps, many areas that can’t be reached with other vehicles. In a flood the average automobile can be swept off the road in 12 inches of moving water, and roads covered by water are prone to collapse. Attempting to drive through water also may stall your engine, with the potential to cause irreparable damage if you try to restart the engine. 

Due to inaccessibility there are large remote terrain, amphibious landscapes and marine expansions that are difficult to monitor or secure. Resolving the issues of managing these areas will become more urgent as fishing depletes coastal resources, climate change forces migration and protecting borders rises in importance.

Given the logistical and economical challenges of monitoring wetlands, shallow water, mud,  Lilly paddy, large multi-terrain or protected amphibious areas creates unique security issues. Deploying the right surveillance technologies can increase monitoring capability and guide law enforcement personnel to suspicious activities.

POD Ops monitoring and enforcement strategies, present some of the most efficient and cost effective solutions for operating in these challenging areas and monitoring and responding to human activity. 

When you think of hovercraft in terms of commercial applications, Hov Pod are amphibious, all terrain transportation. Hovercraft can replace a Motorcycle, Jet Ski, Car, Taxi, 4X4 Pickup Truck, Camper, Motor Boat, Ferry, Tour Bus, Ambulance, Van, SUV, Raft, Shuttle and in many cases a Helicopter. Hov Pod Commercial Hovercraft can carry up to 1500 lbs (680Kg) or 9 people to deliver a payload to a remote location.

Hovercraft Highlights

◊ All-Terrain/Amphibious
◊ Carries Passengers or Cargo
◊ Quick Deployment Land or Water
◊ Continuous & Long-term Surface View

◊ Commercial Grade Small and Medium Duty
◊ Carbon Fiber/Kevlar or HDPE – 5 Year Warranty
◊ Proprietary Anti Rip Skirt System
◊ Wide Footprint – Maximum Buoyancy
◊ Proven in Harsh Conditions
◊ Can be Retrofitted with Stretcher

◊ Utilize Payloads, GPS, Cameras, Sonar
◊ Tethered to a Drone for Surface to Air Visibility
◊ Hov Pod World Leading Brand
◊ Autonomous Capable

Option 4 Tethered Drones – Amphibious Mobile Patrol

Currently, drones and hovercraft are helping to patrol amphibious areas around the world, but many additional applications remain to be developed.  For instance, tethered can provide a cost-effective platform capable of inspecting critical infrastructure such as pipelines, wind farms, solar parks and electric transmission lines in remote areas. Surveillance and monitoring of sensitive areas such as ports and airports, as well as search-and-rescue operations in remote areas such as desert regions, offshore areas and major inland waterways also can be supported by tethered drones. In law enforcement, UAVs can be used to keep a suspect “in sight” while a pursuit is underway in urban or rugged terrain environments.

Once a target area in identified and a route plan is programmed and the drone/hovercraft solution delivers surface to air viability and the ability to engage or provide critical surface response. Onboard video can also be downloaded for post-mission inspection. One drone and a hovercraft can search an extensive area in minutes that another crew may not be able to reach or that might take an entire group of ground personnel to cover in hours.

Tethered Drone Highlights

◊ Critical Asset for Security Operations.
◊ Continuous & Long-term Global Aerial View
◊ Risk-Free Efficient Surveillance Night & Day
◊ Not Defined as Unmanned Aircraft
◊ Major Cost Advantage over Helicopters

◊ Major Cost Advantage Manned Aircraft
◊ Can Be Deployed to Monitor a Large Area.
◊ Compact, Lightweight and Quick To Deploy
◊ Makes Little Noise from a High Position
◊ Ensures Discreet Surveillance

◊ No Need for Trained Pilots to Operate
◊ Follows Hovercraft Wherever It Goes
◊ Disaster Areas, Floods and Storms
◊ Swamps, Ice, Mud, Wetlands, Desert
◊ Autonomous Capable

Option 5 HoverHome – Amphibious Mobile Patrol

Drones have distance, flight time and operational limitations due to battery life, maximum remote control range and line of sight restrictions. If the home station is in a static location, operators must ensure that drones stay within remote control range or line of sight and that each drone has sufficient power to get home safely.

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Mobile Drone Station – HoverHome is a mobile all terrain automated battery swap station, that not only allows for operation in remote areas but when a drones battery gets low, our robotic station can land the drone, swap the battery with a freshly charged one, and relaunch the drone to resume its mission. All with or without a pilot or crew on-board.

HoverHome – Mobile Drone Station is expanding the capabilities of commercial drones, by allowing for launching and landing on water, amphibious or hard to reach terrain. Enabling near-continuous flights with minimal down time, this mobile automated battery swap station also ensures data is collected when and where it is needed in a data-driven world.

Mobile Drone StationUSV

HoverHome Highlights

◊ Up to 12 Batteries Recharged
◊ Robotic Battery Swap
◊ All-Terrain Mobile Coverage
◊ Disaster Areas, Floods and Storms

◊ Swamps, Ice, Mud, Wetlands, Desert
◊ Increased Flight Distances
◊ Enables Near-Continuous Flights
◊ Battery Health & Monitoring
◊ Mobile App Data Collected Real-Time
◊ Data Link Upload to Cloud

◊ Military Grade Container
◊ Web API Integration
◊ Launch on Land or Amphibiously
◊ Autonomous Capable

OPTION 6 INFRARED RADAR – – Amphibious Mobile Patrol

The Spyprem system will be used to create a 1500m diameter perimeter around each command center and horizontal perimeter on the pipeline. Alerts will be set for targets that enter certain zones or if someone spends a suspicious amount of time at the pipeline in populated areas reducing false alarms.

Hov Pod provides Spyprem-M, thermal imaging systems for purposes of persistent wide area
surveillance. The latest camera in the Spyprem series, the Spyprem-M, benefits from EOI’s established expertise in automatic intrusion detection and tracking systems. Spyprem-M is a high-resolution panoramic thermal camera, acting as infrared radar. And at 1.8 kg and less than 20 cm tall, the Spyprem-M is the smallest and most mobile camera in the Spyprem series by EOI; it can be easily transported in a backpack and set up within minutes for a fast deployment.

This unique and versatile thermal imaging system instantaneously captures a full panoramic, high-resolution image every second and allows for automatic intrusion detection and tracking with the built-in proprietary software, Cycrop. An ultra-wide field of view plus continuous monitoring capabilities ensure that no event or disturbance goes unnoticed. This highly-sensitive infrared solution can detect a human up to 700m and vehicles at up to 1500m even in total darkness, through fog, smoke or hazy conditions.

Infrared Radar Highlights

◊ Infrared Panoramic 360-Degree Surveillance
◊ Persistent Wide Area Surveillance
◊ Automatic Intrusion Detection and Tracking
◊ High-Resolution Panoramic Thermal Camera
◊ Smallest and Most Mobile Camera
◊ Ultra-Wide Field Of View
◊ No Event or Disturbance Goes Unnoticed
◊ Detect a Human Up To 700m

◊ Detect a Vehicles At Up To 1500m
◊ Darkness, Fog, Smoke or Hazy Conditions
◊ Intuitive Surveillance Solution
◊ Replace Multi-camera Perimeter Systems
◊ Setup Multiple Detection Zones
◊ Automatic Tracking Capabilities
◊ Ease of Use Reduced Operator Fatigue
◊ Network Multiple Spyprem Devices

◊ 24/7 Persistent Perimeter Protection
◊ Automatically Connects to Most Map Displays
◊ Color Codes Assets and Targets – Color Coded
◊ Set Sound Alerts by Zones
◊ Logs All Threats When Mapped as Target
◊ Automatically Center on Target of Interest
◊ Add Layers on Map and Bookmarks
◊ Lightweight and Versatility

OPTION 7 FIXED WING DRONE – Amphibious Mobile Patrol

Our engineers have developed various unique and proprietary features for the Transranger including but not limited to quick release wing latches, integrated internal fuel tank, aerofoil shaped landing gear, antennas build into the winglets and internal GPS, meaning zero drag induced by these systems, rapid deploy airframe for quick assembly and transport, highly optimized manufacturing and composite techniques along with many other ‘Transranger only’ features.

These features and design values allow for an incredibly low weight system with a maximum take-off weight of only 16kg. The payload bay can be tailored to fit and mount a wide range of cameras, sensors and other equipment, the system offers great flexibility without limiting the operator or mission scope. Designed to be aerodynamically stable and steady in low speed flight applications the Transranger is designed to cruise at 20m/s. The airframe has a maximum VNE speed of 30m/s and a low stall speed of 13m/s and an incredible endurance of up to 7 hours. 

At Approximately 1800 feet altitude, 45 mph, the trip on way will take approximately depending on conditions. Continuous 24/7 Surveillance.

Fixed Wing Highlights

◊ Made From the Highest-Grade Materials
◊ Highly Optimized Composite Frame
◊ Advanced Aerodynamic Design
◊ Efficient Cruise with Very Low Drag
◊ Incredibly Low Weight at Only 5.6kg
◊ Airframe is Completely Modular
◊ Rapid Deployment Case To in the Air
◊ Vertical Takeoff No Need for a Runway

◊ Vertical Landing No Expensive Catapult
◊ Multi-rotor Flight & Fixed Wing Flight
◊ VTOL Technology into Fixed Wing System
◊ Take-Off and Land in Confined Spaces
◊ Quick Release Wing Latches
◊ Integrated Internal Fuel Tank
◊ Aero foil Shaped Landing Gear
◊ Antennas Build Into the Winglets

◊ Internal GPS, Meaning Zero Drag
◊ Tailored To Fit a Wide Range of Cameras
◊ Steady in Low Speed Flight Applications
◊ Designed To Cruise At 20m/S
◊ Maximum VNE Speed of 30m/S
◊ Low Stall Speed of 13m/S
◊ Flight Endurance Of Up To 7 Hours
◊ New Generation in Unmanned Aircraft


We offer a laser or dazzle gun either as a standalone system as in the rifle (RifleDazz) or the DazzPod -1 a mounted format for smaller vessels or one of our larger integrated LRAD systems to vary the defense when confronted by these threats.

The POD Ops dazzle gun solutions are a type of laser weapon which uses green light to disorient and temporary blind pirates as well as other types of threats. The concentrated blast of green light can be used during both day and night.

Long range acoustic device (LRAD) is a non-lethal anti-piracy device which uses pain inducing sound beam to drive away pirates, thieves, vandals, intrduders and other threats. The sonic weapon produces high-pitched noise that is higher than the tolerance level of an average human being. LRAD have been mainly used on cargo and cruise ships until now.


◊ Communicate
◊ Alert
◊ Warn


◊ Discourage
◊ Disorient
◊ Intimidate


◊ Direct Action
◊ Incapacitate
◊ Eliminate