Mobile Wide Area Surveillance – Solution

First of all, Wide Area Surveillance is a persistent surface to air solution for monitoring land based terrain. This includes desert, prairie, rural or rugged terrain in addition to large remote landscapes. 

As a result, exploiting a drone’s ability to tirelessly loiter for hours at a time, is an important part of our solution. Consequently, tethered with hovercraft, a wide-area camera is capable of capturing a visual record of everything below that moves or changes over time.

The solution is effective because, it is a unique integration of the latest surveillance technologies, the all-terrain capability of hovercraft and the aerial capacity of drones. As a result, the solution is capable of operating in mostly inaccessible high-risk security areas, remote borders, oil pipelines, wind farms, solar parks, protected areas, or vital infrastructure.

Furthermore, the issue for drone surveillance is range, especially when operating in harsh terrain. Mobility and persistence, the ability to stay on station for hours while waiting for the opportunity to collect as much data as possible.

Wide Area Surveillance delivers actionable intelligence from remote locations, hence you quickly respond or engage from the surface or from the air. Rather than a traditional surveillance system, fixed cameras, security guards or barriers alone, we offer a continuous and persistent mobile security solution.

As a result, you have increased visibility, therefore heightened awareness, while augmented the ability to respond quickly to any alert, incident or intrusion

The threat of terrorism or vandalism in today’s world of intelligence and reconnaissance makes wide area surveillance a very valuable capability.

Wide Area Surveillance – the difference

Especially relevant to the conditions, the solution operates day and night in addition to being all weather. Mobile Wide Area Surveillance integrates hovercraft, drones, tethers, robotics, low light cameras, thermal imaging, sonar, echo, radar, sensors, AIS, VHF, weather forecast, record/backup and replay,  3D mapping, data analytics and secure communications, therefore providing actionable intelligence.

Monitor target areas autonomously with pre-programmed routes, prevent intrusions, migration, smuggling or vandalism systematically. In addition respond with an array of non-lethal countermeasures deployed from multiple positions and from the surface to air.

In addition deploy from any terrain as opposed to traditional land based systems, while receiving a live video feed from the areas monitored by the drone, hovercraft, or static surveillance options. The system is option base, therefore integrates existing surveillance systems or comes with a fully operational command center.

With our Mobile Wide Area Surveillance a drone can point its unblinking eye at the ground below, capturing a medium definition image twice a second day or night. If, for example a car driving within the field of view becomes an incident with a passenger shooting a gun out of the window, the system will record it.

Therefore, scroll backward in time, watch the car being driven out of a garage down the street, into the location where it will ultimately stop. That sort of information can alert a response to track or follow the car and ultimately lead investigators to the scene of a previous crime or the perpetrators home base.

Let us customize a full Wide Area Surveillance Solution for your application. 

Wide Area Surveillance

W/A Surveillance Highlights

◊ Aerial/Amphibious & All Terrain
◊ Integrated Hovercraft/Drone Solution
◊ Quick Deployment from Land or Water
◊ Underwater, Surface & Air Surveillance
◊ Continuous & Long-term Global Aerial View

◊ Long-Term Mobile Surface View
◊ Monitor Mobile or Migrating Coordinates
◊ Move Quickly from Surveillance to Tactical
◊ Monitor Floods, Fires and Disasters
◊ Identify, Track and Follow Target
◊ Cinema cameras Alexa or Red Epic

◊ Single or Dual operators (Pilot + Camera)
◊ Compatible Commercial flight Controllers
◊ Thermal or Spectral Photo/Video
◊ Sonar, Listening & GPS Positioning
◊ Real-Time Data Link to Control Center

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