Pilot & Technical Hovercraft Training

Hovercraft training, want to learn to fly a Hov Pod? Though we do pride onsite training, we run regular courses in the UK and USA, to cover all aspects of pilot training and preventative maintenance.

For those who are looking for hovercraft training that involves more concentrated skills and maneuvers, military pilots, rescue operators, tour operators, Super Yacht Tenders, military pilots, hovercraft racers, extreme adventurers, we offer three days training, certificated so that you will have documentation to show any interested party.

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Module Two Technical Hovercraft Training. – Routine & Preventative Servicing

Module Three Technical Hovercraft Training – Advanced Maintenance & Servicing.

The Hov Pod is not difficult to operate or maintain; the training we offer provides a belt and braces approach to ensure that you fully enjoy ownership of the craft.

Many customers take delivery without training, or demonstration; we provide full operator and technical manuals. Any competent boat, car or motorcycle could service the Hov Pod on your behalf.

hovercraft training

Hovercraft Training Module One – Operator & Basic Servicing

This Hovercraft Training module covers safety, operation, pre flight checks and basic servicing. We prefer to arrange this day during low tide conditions. The following page has a link to our on-line demonstration calendar with available dates to coincide with preferred low tide conditions.

By the end of this hovercraft training course the delegate will feel confident in the control of the Hov Pod SPX, or Infinity and able to train others. It will also briefly cover basic pre-flight safety & servicing such as on skirts, filters etc.

The following Hovercraft Training points will be covered:

◊ Delegate to have good understand of the Hov Pod, and safe operation.
◊ Study of preliminary check-list before operation.
◊ General description of craft.
◊ Layout of engine, drive frame assembly, electrics, fuel, isolators, stowage.
◊ Safety Checks
◊ Use of trailer, load and unload.
◊ Starting the engine.


◊ Take off and landing
◊ Driving on Water; on land.
◊ 180 turns and spin stops
◊ Stopping on Water, re starting on water, getting over hump.
◊ Stopping on slipway.
◊ Care, inspection, cleaning & basic servicing of Hov Pod.
◊ Summary.

hovercraft training

Hovercraft Training Module Two – Routine & Preventative Servicing

This hovercraft training module provides an outline of routine preventative maintenance and is intended to familiarize you with the Hov Pod’s major components, and to show you how to check the safety of the craft.

Assumed knowledge: we recommend attendance of the Hov Pod Hovercraft Training Module One Course (Operator Training)

The following Hovercraft Training points will be covered:

  • ◊ Safe Working
    ◊ Hov Pod Components
    ◊ Pre-flight safety checks
    ◊ Guards
    ◊ Drive Belt
    ◊ Fan
    ◊ Steering
    ◊ Fuel
    ◊ Engine cut-out
    ◊ Post-flight inspection


◊ Skirts
◊ Hull and impact protection
◊ Fuel system
◊ Exhaust system
◊ Electrical system
◊ Starter Motor
◊ Steering
◊ Drive coupling
◊ Drive frame
◊ Cooling system

hovercraft training

Hovercraft Training Module Three – Advanced Maintenance and Servicing

This hovercraft training course is designed for dealers or customers who wish to provide full craft service (including basic engine servicing) and ability to strip the Hov Pod SPX down. Module Three is also recommended for customers who wish to self assemble the Hov Pod SPX LM (Local Manufacture).

Assumed knowledge: we recommend attendance of the Hov Pod Hovercraft Training Module One Course (Operator Training) and insist that the delegate has attended the Hov Pod Hovercraft Training Module Two Routine & Preventative Maintenance Course.

The following Hovercraft Training points will be covered

All aspects of craft build and strip down to facilitate change of fan blades, components, engine inspection, belt change, drive system inspection and alignment and adjustment to ensure that Hov Pod Dealer staff or customer staff can service to component level.
This hovercraft training module provides valuable information for customers and dealers planning to purchase the Hov Pod SPX LM for local manufacture.
Covers installation of Rotax 582 and Weber 120HP Turbo – does not cover other engines as specified by customers.

hovercraft training


First Flight Training Video




Precision Landing Video

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