Terrain – Amphibious – Water

Hov Pod All Surface hovercraft deliver safe, efficient and powerful transportation across any flat amphibious terrain or earth bound surface.  Hov Pod All Surface hovercraft fly on a cushion air 9 inches above any solid or liquid surface and each Hov Pod is engineered and manufactured to be a workhorse. Hov Pod are the safest and most reliable hovercraft in the world.  Hov Pod All Surface hovercraft can navigate over any flat surface ocean, rivers, lakes, desert, beach, swamp, ice, snow, mud, grass, roads and in the forest without effecting wild life or the ecology.

Hov Pod All Surface hulls are designed specifically for stability, durability and buoyancy.   adiro 300 mg comprimidos viagra metothraxate online term papers on civil war follow http://hyperbaricnurses.org/10349-penis-pump-or-viagra/ paintco brasileira ltda case study best annotated bibliography editing for hire au https://journeysmobilevet.com/edimprove/viagra-bomb-recipe/26/ cheap cv writing service http://kanack.org/statement/funny-comparison-and-contrast-essay-topics/26/ cialis online 20 mg data presentation in research paper click cialis todos dias follow site sildenafil inicio de accion https://companionpetstn.com/medication/cialis-u-apotekama-cena-vs-lesnar/32/ gay parenting thesis https://cadasb.org/pharmacy/e-how-viagra/13/ follow url assembly language assignment help nocutil wirkung viagra pastillas similares viagra sin receta causes of world war 2 free essay 42 uk levitra 61 thesis servant leadership free macbeth theme essay go site https://smartfin.org/science/cialis-professional-pas-cher/12/ see url compare cialis and staxyn coupons Made to handle the most difficult surfaces including ice. The SPX Series hull is made from HDPE (high Density Polyethylene) it is dense, light weight and extremely crack resistant.  Our larger models, including the Infinity Series are made with Carbon Fibre and Kevlar models.  No other hovercraft are constructed like a Hov Pod, that is why no other hovercraft outlast or goes as far.

All Surface Hovercraft

From One Surface to Another

Commercial companies use Hov Pod All Surface hovercraft to detect unexploded bombs and ordnance in areas affected by war that need to be developed for installation of gas/oil pipelines.

Hov Pod All Surface hovercraft get right next to victims who have fallen through thin ice, dog walkers or ice fishermen succumb to hypothermia and drowning since rescue boats are useless over ice.

Rescue organizations use Hov Pod to reach victims stuck in mud, bridge installation and repair companies use Hov Pod to act as safety boats – boats are pretty useless on mud. Mud victims also need release from suction using an air lance.

Hov Pod All Surface hovercraft are life savers in flooding emergencies, they have no propeller to get snagged on underwater obstacles, floating debris etc.

Hov Pod All Surface hovercraft are very useful for recreational a use, they allow access to vacation cabins, fishing and hunting areas that other vehicles cannot reach, all year round.

Hov Pod All Surface hovercraft allow users to reach tidal sand and shallow water to farm shell fish such as clams, cockles and mussels.

Hov Pod All Surface hovercraft are the perfect shuttle for excursions, island hopping, tours or transporting people or products across open water or amphibiously.

All Surface Hovercraft

On Salt Water – All Surface Hovercraft

The Hov Pod uses advanced construction methods, enclosed electric’s, stainless steel or coated and painted parts. This greatly reduces corrosion, increasing longevity and reliability, keeping the craft looking good after use.

The hull is particularly robust, manufactured from High Density Polyethylene, or HDPE so unlike GRP cannot suffer from the effects of water getting into the glass fiber and delaminating the hull construction.

The skirts are also extremely tough, manufactured specifically from Polyurethane/ Nylon due to its great strength, UV and salt-water compatibility.

Our engine covers are designed to protect the engine from debris, dirt and salt spray and on the whole keeps the engine safe from those elements. We also coat all engines with a silicone spray as a second line of protection and this combination does a fantastic job. Some suppliers leave the engine exposed, which will create problems with corrosion and electrical malfunction and lead to breakdowns.

Where stainless steel cannot be used all metal components have undergone a marine standard coating and painting process offering the highest degree of corrosion protection.

Hov Pod have craft in operation on sea water in many parts of the world ranging from Canada to the tropics. We’ve also had craft in operation on salt flats in places like southern Spain that have put in 100’s of hours without incident.

All Surface Hovercraft

Stopping on land – All Surface Hovercraft

Hov Pod should be considered as land-based vehicles as well as water-based; stopping on a small rock shouldn’t cause the floor to crack, since cracks let-in water. Most hovercraft have a single glass fiber floor, whereas the Hov Pod has a thick High Density PE floor, protected by additional aluminium runners, shock pads and wear bolts to protect the craft from the inevitable knocks that occasionally occur. Our hulls carry a 5 year warranty.

Water Surface Hovercraft

Stopping on Water – All Surface Hovercraft

Some customers panic when we stop the Hov Pod on water, because other manufacturers have told them to avoid doing this fearing that their hovercraft may take on water, even in calm conditions. Walk to the wrong end of some hovercraft, and you’ll need sandals, they take on water. Many hovercraft have a problem with starting on water, and you will sometimes hear the expression “getting over hump”, that describes the problem in getting back up onto the cushion of air to start moving again.

The Hov Pod is designed to lift a payload depending on conditions of up to 325 kilos depending on engine. Other craft also have a very severe tendency to spin and throw occupants when stopped quickly on water; Hov Pod are engineered for balanced with a extra wide footprint allowing it to quickly yet safely and smoothly stop in a controlled straight line.

Snow Surface Hovercraft


All Surface Hovercraft Buoyancy

Many hovercraft have poor buoyancy characteristics and can actually sink if swamped, whereas the Hov Pod has full buoyancy, tested to hold over a ton in weight before water ingression into the cockpit.
Not only will the Hov Pod All Surface Hovercraft stop quite happily on water but it has also been independently tested for flooded buoyancy approval. Buying a professional designed and manufactured craft helps to overcome regulatory restrictions, where they apply. Many craft claim good buoyancy but in fact take a look, ask to work out the buoyancy volume for the weight of the craft and the payload it will carry. Most craft simply do not have enough area volume to float the craft let alone the passengers also.