Desert Hovercraft

Hov Pod Desert Hovercraft have incredible ability to cope with desert terrain and desert conditions, lack of water, sand, sand dunes, desert plants, rocky plateaus, salt marshes, extreme heat in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.  

In a car or truck, there are several reasons for “deflating your tires” in the desert. A smoother ride on rough washboard roads is the first thing that comes to mind. More traction in climbs and on rocky sections. Easier on your vehicle’s steering and suspension components.  Hov Pod Desert Hovercraft fly over the desert like a magic carpet, they are used to detect un-exploded bombs and ordnance in areas affected by war that need to be developed for installation of gas/oil pipelines. 

If you have a task, adventure or need to explore, travel, survey, rescue or transport people or products in the desert, contact Hov Pod, lets discuss your project?

Hov Pod Desert Hovercraft can operate over flooded land, mud, riverbeds, shallow water/tidal regions, rapids, shingle beaches, open water, grass, sand, desert, swamps, marshland, prairies, wetlands, meadows, bogs, bayous, mud, shores, weeds, submerged plants, snow, ice, roads, shallow lakes dried up salt marshes, sandbanks, roads, indeed any flat surface at speeds up to 45 mph without effecting wild life or the ecology. 

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Desert hovercraft


Desert Hovercraft Video

Hov Pod Desert Hovercraft fly over different terrain seamlessly, can land and take off from water. Hov Pod are designed specifically for stability, durability, buoyancy and salt water operation. Hov Pod Desert Hovercraft are engineered to be all terrain workhorses able carry up 9 people or deliver a 1500 lbs (680Kg) payload, they are affordable. easy to purchase, operate, maintain and use.

In search and rescue operations, Hov Pod keep first responders above the danger, not in it. Because Hov Pod safely hover 9 inches above the sand and obstacles, they can get close to victims that a off road vehicles or a helicopter can’t reach.

Hov Pod are safer and more fuel-efficient than boats, they are affordable, easy to purchase, operate, maintain and use.

Don’t settle for a hovercraft, own a Hov Pod.



Other Vehicle’s Desert Difficulties

For those of us who want to hop in the little deuce coupe and head for the desert, some driving on sand will be required. Hard-packed sand is a snap, but what if your tires have to take on loose, fluffy sand on a beach or in the desert? Here are some general tips to help with your sand driving.

Air out your tires

Popular Mechanics suggests keeping tire psi at 12 to 15 for loose sand driving.

Don’t be too sharp

Sharp turns on sand will cause your tires to dig in deeper, which you don’t want to do. Driving in sand should be kept as straight as possible.

Do not attempt with front-wheel drive

If you are planning to drive in sand, don’t do it with a front-wheel drive car. You’ll become stuck almost immediately.