Water Hovercraft

Their unique abilities make Hov Pod Water Hovercraft extremely useful on lakes or rivers. Hov Pod Water Hovercraft can stop and float on the water, start up on the water, hover and take off in any direction. Hov Pod Water Hovercraft can fly smoothly over lakes, ocean, still or swift water; shallow, flooded rivers, swamps, giving you access to areas that can’t be reached with other vehicles.

Hydroplaning takes place while driving a car on wet roads. At speeds up to 35 MPH, most tires will “wipe” the roadway surface (in much the same manner a windshield wiper clears the windshield) of up to about ¼ inch of water. However, as the speed increases, the tire cannot “wipe” the road as well, and they start to ride up on the water, just like a set of water skis. Hov Pod Water Hovercraft high speed amphibious capabilities are little affected by the movement or the depth of water.

Hov Pod Water Hovercraft unlike many other craft are also designed for salt water operation with enclosed quick lift off engine covers, high specification electrical components and stainless steel fittings that minimize corrosion, while increasing operational reliability and safety.

If you have a task or adventure where you have a need to explore, travel, survey, rescue or transport people or products on water, contact Hov Pod, lets discuss your project?

Hov Pod Water Hovercraft can operate over flooded land, mud, riverbeds, shallow water/tidal regions, rapids, shingle beaches, open water, grass, sand, desert, swamps, marshland, prairies, wetlands, meadows, bogs, bayous, mud, shores, weeds, submerged plants, snow, ice, roads, shallow lakes dried up salt marshes, sandbanks, roads, indeed any flat surface at speeds up to 45 mph without effecting wild life or the ecology.

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”
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Water Hovercraft


Water Hovercraft Video

Hov Pod Water Hovercraft fly over different terrain seamlessly, can land and take off from water. Hov Pod are designed specifically for stability, durability, buoyancy and salt water operation. Hov Pod Water Hovercraft are engineered to be all terrain workhorses able carry up 9 people or deliver a 1500 lbs (680Kg) payload, they are affordable. easy to purchase, operate, maintain and use.

In search and rescue operations, Hov Pod keep first responders above the danger, not in it. Because Hov Pod Water Hovercraft safely hover 9 inches above the sand or water, they can get close to victims that a boat or helicopter can’t reach.

Hov Pod Water Hovercraft are safer and more fuel-efficient than boats, they are affordable, easy to purchase, operate, maintain and use.

Don’t settle for a hovercraft, own a Hov Pod.



Small Boat Difficulties

The first element that people should consider when they get into a boat under 18 feet in length is that small boats are confined areas.  There is no room for horseplay in any boat, let alone a small one.

The people riding in the boat should be seated so their weight is distributed evenly to prevent the boat from listing dangerously in any one direction.  It is also a good idea to keep the anchor line coiled neatly so that it cannot get tangled in anyone’s feet.

If you are using an outboard motor on your boat, remember that operating such a motor is serious business.  Even the smallest motor has a propeller which turns at high speeds and can be deadly.  Going fast can be fun, but turning too fast under power can capsize a small boat very easily.  Hitting a submerged log at high speed is, likewise, a distinct possibility.  This can also capsize the boat or maybe just cause a quick stop and throw someone out of the boat.  For these and many other reasons, you need to get some experience with someone aboard who knows boating.

Waves on the lake can get to ten feet, and the bay has seen three-foot waves.  In addition, even on calm day, waves from other larger boats can produce chop (swells and waves from other boats) of three to four feet in height.