Hov Pod are uniquely able to undertake UXO (Unexploded Bomb) survey operations in mud and inter-tidal areas.

All Terrian Use

The requirements of all terrain survey mean that areas such as riverbeds, inter-tidal areas, deltas, shallow lakes, mud, ice, snow, soft sand etc are hard to get to & even harder to survey. Conventional vehicles are very often impractical or unable to access these terrains & marine sub surface or ground scanning survey & detection is therefore complex, costly, dangerous & time consuming.

The Hov Pod All Terrain Survey Hovercraft is highly versatile & offers a solution to these problems. The Hov Pod can be equipped with magnetometers, ground penetrating radar, echo sounders & other detection equipment to undertake work in a controlled & cost effective manner.

The Hov Pod has a very light footprint & when configured with GPS mapping can be driven at walking pace in difficult terrain & hazardous conditions to undertake precise sub surface scans.