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Patrol, Rescue &

Commercial Hovercraft

Hov Pod Patrol Hovercraft

Our range of commercial Hovercraft suit organisations that need to reach places that are out of bounds to conventional craft. Hov Pods are ideal for rescue, survey, environmental and research projects, mud sampling, military applications and industrial work. Small patrol hovercraft allow access to areas that no other vehicles can reach, so they are ideal for patrolling shallow water areas, tidal mud, sand, ice, grass etc. When speed of access is important, hovercraft are true all-terrain vehicles, and can travel from land to sea, back to land without delay, simply by a flick of the wrist. With no propeller to snag on under-water obstructions, hovercraft can safely operate in areas out of bounds to conventional marine craft. Tidal areas don’t restrict hovercraft as they fly above any flat surface. They can even navigate fast flowing rivers, so in all sorts of terrain, and any time of the tidal day, they can deliver patrol personnel precisely to where they need to reach, and fast.

As used by The United Nations World Food Program selected the Hov Pod for work in the Sudan. United Nations World Food Program

As used by the Red Cross - A HOVERCRAFT has been brought in to help Highland rescuers. It will be used in flooded areas, on frozen lochs, sand bars and mud flats. The vessel Greer, named from Old Scots meaning watchful or valiant, was unveiled by the Red Cross and is based in Inverness. Operations director Ian Rideout said: "A big issue for us is shallow, fast-moving water where we can't launch a boat. The hovercraft is totally unaffected."

As used by the DLRG

Hovercraft RescueRescue HovercraftRescue Hovercraft


Hov Pods are rugged and robust, and can be modified to suit specific requirements. Ideal for mud sampling, civil engineering projects, environmental surveys etc. Many of our promoters have craft for hire for short term projects, please contact us for details of hire availability. Hov Pod Rescue Blog

Rescue or Recovery?

In rescue situations, time is important. Hov Pod rescue hovercraft is designed to be easy to transport by conventional trailer towed by standard car – no need for expensive transporters or police escorts; when time is critical, the ability to get to where help is needed fast makes all the difference between rescue or recovery. In tests conducted with safety organisations, we have introduced a number of Hov Pod commercial hovercraft options to suit different configurations to meet the various requests we have received from fire, police, rescue and other commercial organisations. We have just released a new version of the Hov Pod Hovercraft that we think could play a valuable and important role in rescue, in situations where larger hovercraft are restricted by access.

Constructed from High Density PE, far stronger, more buoyant than glass fibre. Can load, unload from trailer in 30 seconds, and easily transportable by standard car to reach rescue victims. No expensive transporters required or police escorts, so you can quickly travel to the victims by road. Easy to use, quick to deploy, to reach flash flooded areas, or to reach mud and ice/ hypothermia victims when time is critical.

Operators can be trained in less than one day.

Anti plough system, good on water start characteristics.

New 120 HP Turbo 4 stroke engine
Sufficient power to take driver, paramedic and victim.
Wide range of rescue options, such as search lights, lifting points, GPS/VHF Radio mountings.

Please see latest images of the Hov Pod SPX on our news page

Hov Pods can reach speeds of up to 45 mph,in conditions of up to Force 4, and are ideal for mud, sand and shallow river rescue where speed is important. The maximum ground clearance is 9 inches.

Need a demo? Contact Hov Pod now for the name of your local promoter. (Promoter opportunities are still available)


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