Full Solution Packages

There are large remote areas, amphibious landscapes and coastal expansions that are difficult to monitor or secure. Hov Pod integrates hovercraft, drones, tethers, robotics, low light cameras, thermal imaging, sonar, echo, radar, sensors, AIS, VHF, weather forecast, record/backup and replay to provide actionable intelligence. Surface to air surveillance and security.

Hov Pod offer a full surveillance and countermeasure solutions package. Evolving from the core Hov Pod range of Hovercraft for amphibious based patrol we now offer complete turnkey security solutions. This includes actionable intelligence, for border, wide area and localized monitoring. We also supply options for direct response and non-lethal countermeasures in marine, land and amphibious regions.

Our products or customizable into any end solution and include:

  • Hovercraft in several sizes including the SPX and Infinity class craft.
  • Drones including A) fixed wing B) fixed wing/VTOL combination and C) multi rotor traditional drone style.
  • Drone support products including the unique hover home remote auto charge base station and tethers for extended aerial operations.
  • Surveillance and monitoring equipment to mount on drones, hovercraft, traditional vehicles or fixed instillations and buildings.
  • Long range day, low light night and thermal cameras.
  • Non-lethal countermeasures including acoustic and laser deterrents.
  • Portable water purification equipment.
  • First aid equipment.
  • Amphibious Based Firefighting

Hov Pod Hovercraft

The World’s Leading Supplier of Small and Medium Duty Hovercraft. The difference between Hov Pod and Hovercraft is that Hov Pod are built to commercial specifications.  This means Hov Pod are not just weekend toys, but equipment that you can count on all day every day, in the most difficult conditions.

Hov Pod are capable of autonomous operation, they are quiet, safe, durable, easy to operate, maintain and transport.  Don’t settle for a hovercraft, own a Hov Pod.

  • Hov Pod can operate off-road and amphibiously over a wide range of surfaces leaving no footprint on wildlife or ecology including:
  • Mud.
  • Riverbeds.
  • Shallow water/tidal regions.
  • Flooded land.
  • Rapids.
  • Shingle.
  • Beaches and shorelines.
  • Open water, lakes & rivers.
  • Grass.
  • Sand and desert.
  • Swamps, wetlands and marshland, ,
  • Bogs and bayou,
  • Weeds, mangroves & submerged plants.
  • Snow & ice.
  • Dried up salt marshes, rice paddy, sandbanks, roads, indeed any flat surface.

Our Hov Pod come in unique sizes, including a model that can carry up to 9 people or haul a 1500 lb (680 Kg) payload to a remote destination, flying at speeds up to 45 mph. Move from water to land, survey remote areas, swarm an island, search a perimeter 24/7, engage insurgents at the border, ferry passengers, land on the beach or provide a unique adventure experience to unexplored boundaries.


We offer small and medium duty commercial hovercraft with sufficient power to deliver larger payloads on-water and over-land. The Carbon Infinity 750 the first ever Truck Styled Hovercraft, hauling up to 9 people or 1500 lbs, (678 kgs) adds a new dimension to amphibious, all terrain work vehicles.

A wide range of options are available and the Infinity deck, flatbed or cabin is a huge blank canvass that can be optimized to fit your application, from shuttle to all terrain mobile station.

Hov Pod operate in salt water, they have a wide footprint and are designed for balance, buoyancy and stability.  

The Hov Pod hull is practically indestructible, built to handle the most difficult surfaces including ice. The hull of the SPX Series is made entirely from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and is molded into an extremely lightweight, buoyant and damage resistant shell. The hull of the Infinity is a proprietary blend of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar, the material used in bullet proof vests.  The hulls for each the SPX and Infinity carry a 5 year warranty.

The Hov Pod skirt material is the result of 16 years of research and development.  Our proprietary skirt design is a unique polyurethane / nylon weave & fabric combination with anti-rip properties & incredible wear resistance.  Consequently the unique anti-plough IAPSS skirt design gives far greater flexibility, continued operational ability & high speed safety against rapid and sudden deceleration.


Working or playing in places like the Arctic can be an unforgiving, punishing and a lonely occupation. Humanity has never let those facts stop them from exploring our vast and lonely planet. People who work or play in these conditions, scientist, their support teams or even adventurers exploring the wilderness, prefer to work or play safely, they depend on their equipment. That’s why many professionals demand Hov Pod.

Hov Pod replace Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Cars, 4X4 Trucks, Campers, Motor Boats, Tour Buses, Tour Boats, Minivans, SUVs, Rafts, Kayaks, Canoes and Snowmobiles. Our craft are ideal for recreation, adventures, excursions, tours, vacations, cruising on any amphibious or flat earth bound terrain. Hov Pod provide an outside the box adventure experience to places normally inaccessible and unexplored.

You float in a boat, ride in a truck, but fly in a Hov Pod – cruising at an altitude of 9 inches above the surface. Hov Pod Recreational Hovercraft are easy to operate, just use the handlebars to alter the direction of air passing over the rudders at the rear of the craft. You can glide, slide, do 180 turns, complete 360s – float up the beach to get an ice-cream. You can reach places that boats cannot, far from the noisy crowd, to reach prime fishing areas or to a unexplored natural ecosystem, return to camp and park next to your tent.



Hov Pod

Hov Pod SPX Hovercraft over water


Hov Pod Hovercraft World Leading Brand

As seen on TV programs worldwide “How it’s Made”, “World of Wonder” “How Do They Do That”. Also seen in several movies including “Thunderbirds and Dinosaurs at Dark”. Selected by Harrods and described by the press as the “Mercedes Benz” of hovercraft.

Hov Pod are extremely easy to drive, and fantastic fun. The WOW Factor comes as standard. In demonstrations, we can usually hand over the controls to a person after 15 minutes tuition; they spend the next week with a smile on their face.

Hov Pod are specifically designed for marine recreation and commercial use. They have many features that you will not find on other hovercraft. Hov Pods are designed to be easy to use, easy to service, safe to operate, reliable, durable and fun. Furthermore we sell both commercial and recreational Hov Pod hovercraft direct to consumers, government agencies, associations and through our global dealer network

We also run a smaller sister site with less detail just for our hovercraft at hovercraft.org

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