Perimeterüberwachung -Pyprem

Perimeter Surveillance, after seventeen years of experience as innovators in hovercraft technologies for civil, industrial and defense applications, Hov Pod preserves its deep commitment to developing complete security and perimeter surveillance, Spyprem. EOI’s Spyprem cameras take this to another level, thermal imaging systems for purposes of persistent wide area surveillance. The latest camera in the Spyprem series, the Spyprem-M, benefits from EOI’s established expertise in automatic intrusion detection and tracking systems. Spyprem-M is a high-resolution panoramic thermal camera, acting as infrared radar. And at 1.8 kg and less than 20 cm tall, the Spyprem-M is the smallest and most mobile camera in the Spyprem series by EOI; it can be easily transported in a backpack and set up within minutes for a fast deployment. This unique and versatile thermal imaging system instantaneously captures a full panoramic, high-resolution image every second and allows for automatic intrusion detection and tracking with the built-in proprietary software, Cycrop. An ultra-wide field of view plus continuous monitoring capabilities ensure that no event or disturbance goes unnoticed. This highly-sensitive infrared solution can detect a human up to 700m and vehicles at up to 1500m even in total darkness, through fog, smoke or hazy conditions. Recognizing the need for an intuitive perimeter surveillance with ease-of use for the operators who will be using them XCHARX special operation forces and security operators at critical infrastructure sites for example- EOI’s revolutionary cameras are designed to replace multicamera perimeter security systems, with one single Spyprem-M sensor effectively replacing up to 16 traditional cameras and covering areas over 1.5km-diameter. Thanks to its small stature and excellent performance, the Spyprem-M is the most mature, efficient and mobile 360 degree IRST solution on the market.

Begrenzungsüberwachung - ERKENNUNG UND VERFOLGUNG

Spyprem-M comes with the continually updated Cycrop advanced software that performs automatic intrusion detection and tracking of an unlimited number of targets in any direction simultaneously. This includes hardly detectable targets such as UAVs, crawling men, and RHIBs. Developed over the course of 10 years and benefiting from years of proven field deployment, Cycrop’s detection is based on powerful algorithms looking for movements and changes of thermal signal between images. The Cycrop software allows users to define inclusive or exclusive detection zones. By default, the entire 360 image is set as a detection zone. Detection zones can be activated manually or according to a scheduling table, for example after operating hours. All detection zones can be used to closely and automatically monitor the “sensitive areas” to ensure that no incident in these areas goes unnoticed by the operator. For instance, if three particular gates are of interest, one can create a group of three detection zones, one for each gate, on top of the full image detection zone. A zoom window can be allocated to this group of gates, which enables the operator to automatically zoom on any new threat detected in these areas. The threat is then automatically tracked without operator intervention. When a target is detected, the Cycrop software initiates the tracking and the targets’ positions are displayed one after the other. Cycrop can also display predicted positions of the tracked target. The system can auto-track a target in a zoom window, which means a zoom window, can follow the movements of a target. There are no limitations to the number of auto-tracked targets or to the number of zoom windows that can be

Perimeterüberwachung - EINFACHE NUTZUNG & Spypervisor

The Spyprem-M, aims to reduce operator fatigue and optimize effectiveness, requiring only a windows-based PC platform. The incredibly intuitive Cycrop functions are automated and completely customizable with: automatic contrast adjustment, automatic detection and tracking, self-adjustment of the detection sensitivity level, programmable non uniformity correction and automatic weather conditions calibration. Moreover, the navigation within the 360° panoramic images is user-friendly and panoramic views (strip view or donut view) allow for a fast navigation of the zoom windows with a single click. Multiple M units can strategically be used to circumvent obstructions created by buildings or terrain. For multiples M units, Spypervisor is an easy way to manage multiple Spyprem assets and reduce operator fatigue. ◊ Automatically connects to all systems on the network ◊ Map display with all Spyprem assets and targets – color coded ◊ Sound alerts by zones ◊ Log of all threats ◊ Automatically center Cycrop’s display on target of interest when click on mapped target ◊ Possibility to add layers on map and bookmarks


With its lightweight package and versatility, Spyprem-M can replace several traditional PTZ cameras with only one sensor and be easily set up and configured on top of a light mast or building for the 24/7 persistent perimeter surveillance of critical infrastructures like high voltage substations. The main security issues substations face are copper theft and disruption of service but there is also a potential for serious injuries to maintenance personnel when breaches go undetected. Following a major security breach at a Pacific Gas & Electric substation in California in April 2013, a new regulatory standard to guide the protection of critical infrastructures was implemented in the US called NERC CIP-014. The goal of this standard is to identify and protect transmission substations through a series of steps; one of these steps stipulates that a high voltage site must have an outer and inner layer of protection, with the outer layer able to detect intrusions beyond the perimeter fencing. Able to detect and track a human at up to 700 m and car up to 1500 m, the Spyprem-M is able to detect these threats well before the outer layer of protection in order to deter would-be intruders and alert the security guards as to where the threat is coming from. Spyprem-M provides a full 360° panoramic image every second with the option to detect and track at 90° or 180° for a faster scan rate. Spyprem-M can replace dozens of CCTV/PTZ cameras day and night. This sensor also can relieve teams of prison guards from patrolling the perimeter in vehicles. One Spyprem-M centrally located within a correctional institution, or a couple of Spyprem-M strategically located around buildings, could detect and track threats moving around the entire perimeter, replacing the roving guards patrolling. Across the United States many correctional facilities have found that illegal contraband is being thrown over prison walls into the hands of inmates. With a 700 meter detection range, the Spyprem-M has more than enough range to detect and track persons that would breach the outside perimeter to throw contraband over the.


Spyprem-M is well designed to meet the growing needs of providing perimeter surveillance as well as mobile surveillance for the world’s Special Operations community. This sensor is robust, lightweight, and rugged and can easily be carried in a backpack; small teams could carry this with a compact tripod and easily deploy it within minutes. The Spyprem will adapt to the ambiguity of SOC operations. The 360° continuous infrared detection and tracking will increase the situational awareness of the warfighter on the ground to bring real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats. A single SPYPREM-M sensor can perform 24/7 early human intrusion alerts and can be quickly deployed and configured. Consuming only 8 watts of power, it can be operated with solar or alternate power supply systems to allow remote, disconnected operation. Any threat will be tracked at any time from any direction, including hardly detectable targets such as: crawling men, RHIBs, low altitude air targets and UAVs. As a completely passive system, the SPYPREM-M cannot be detected by intruders, requires no additional illumination and cannot be tricked by camouflage or jamming. Spyprem-M is also suitable for many other perimeter surveillance and wide area security applications – such as nuclear power plants, chemical plants, oil fields, ports, airports, VIP/event security, solar and wind farms, natural gas sites, etc.


◊ Infrarot-Panorama-360-Grad-Überwachung
◊ Persistente Weitwinkelüberwachung
◊ Automatische Einbruchserkennung und -verfolgung
◊ Hochauflösende Panorama-Wärmebildkamera
◊ Kleinste und mobilste Kamera
◊ Ultraweites Sichtfeld
◊ Kein Ereignis oder keine Störung bleibt unbemerkt
◊ Erkennen Sie einen Menschen bis 700m
◊ Erkennen Sie Fahrzeuge bis 1500m
◊ Dunkelheit, Nebel, Rauch oder dunstige Bedingungen
◊ Intuitive Überwachungslösung
◊ Ersetzen Sie Multikamera-Begrenzungssysteme
◊ Mehrere Erkennungszonen einrichten
◊ Automatische Tracking-Funktionen
◊ Benutzerfreundlichkeit reduziert die Ermüdung des Bedieners
◊ Netzwerk mehrerer Spyprem-Geräte
◊ Persistenter Umkreisschutz für 24 / 7
◊ Verbindet sich automatisch mit den meisten Kartenanzeigen
◊ Assets und Ziele für Farbcodes - farbcodiert
◊ Legen Sie die Tonalarme nach Zonen fest
◊ Alle Bedrohungen werden protokolliert, wenn sie als Ziel zugeordnet werden
◊ Automatisch auf Zielobjekt zentrieren
◊ Fügen Sie Layer auf der Karte und Lesezeichen hinzu
◊ geringes Gewicht und Vielseitigkeit
Spezifikation 300 36 0.7 300 18 1.4 600 36 2.6 600 18 5.2
Vertical FOV 36 ° 18 ° 36 ° 18 °
Maße 125mm x 200mm 125mm x 200mm 125mm x 200mm 125mm x 200mm
Gewicht 1.8kg 1.8kg 1.8kg 1.8kg
Betriebstemperatur -40 ° C bis + 55 ° C -40 ° C bis + 55 ° C -40 ° C bis + 55 ° C -40 ° C bis + 55 ° C
Bildauflösung 0.7-Pixel 1.4-Pixel 2.6-Pixel 5.2-Pixel
Energieverbrauch 8 Watts 8 Watts 8 Watts 8 Watts
Detection Range:
Human (up to)
250m 400m 400m 700m
Detection Range:
vehicle (up to)
600m 900m 900m 1,500m
IP-Schutzart 66 66 66 66