Long Range Thermal Camera

Long Range Thermal – Long Distance Thermal Infrared Camera MWIR Cooled Infrared Thermal surveillance Camera

The Viper is a revolutionary ultra Long range surveillance e HD Cooled Thermal multi sensor PTZ camera boasting a long-range 128X visible day/night camera, long-range 55+km HD MWIR Cooled thermal infrared zoom, and optional ZLID NIR illumination with LRF. This multi-sensor payload enables the Viper to provide high resolution imaging in virtually any environment from heavy fog to complete darkness. Designed for weapons systems pointing and accuracy, it meets and exceeds MIL-STD-810F military ratings for shock, vibration, temperature and dust/water ingression. This makes it the ultimate long range camera system for 24/7 situational awareness and long-range recognition and identification of targets

See It All 24/7 Day Night surveillance
Infiniti’s cooled thermal cameras let you see further than any other night vision technology, using heat rather than light to see objects. This cooled thermal imaging camera is equipped with a midwave, cooled Indium Animonide (InSb or MCT) detector, producing ultra-sharp thermal images of 640×480~1280×720 pixels. This will satisfy users that want to see the smallest of details and demand the best possible image quality. It allows the user to see more detail and detect smaller objects from a further distance. Coupled with a high sensitivity, and leading germanium optics, this camera offers extreme long-range performance and excellent image quality.

HD Cooled MWIR Thermal Infrared MTC Imager – Long Range Thermal Camera

The Viper contains a high sensitivity 10μm cooled HgCdTe (Mercury Cadmium Telluride or MCT) sensor with a high definition resolution of 1280×720 and an ultra-long cooler lifetime of 24,000 hours. The cooled sensor is able to detect differences in temperature as small as ±0.02°C, providing more detail for tracking of targets at extreme ranges in total darkness and through most obscurants, with performance on par with 2500mm thermal systems.

16X Continuous Zoom Germanium Lens
The cooled MCT thermal core is paired with a precision-engineered f/5.5 germanium zoom lens allowing you to view targets with a 16X optical zoom range from 85mm to 1400mm. This allows for long range detection of thermal targets by offering anything from a 8.6° to 0.5° field of view. These lenses also feature auto focus capabilities, delivering crisp, clear images even when adjusting zoom, ensuring optimal performance and situational awareness in the wide field of view and crisp details in the narrow field of view.

Extreme Long Range Detection – Long Range Thermal Camera

The Viper is a Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) thermal camera which means it operates on 3,000nm–5,000nm wavelengths where terrestrial temperature targets emit most of their infrared energy. Using real-time image enhancements (anti-blooming, contrast enhancement and scene optimization), this system is capable of detecting vehicles up to 55km away.* While thermal is a significant investment, its superior range and performance allows it to replace and outperform all other solutions, making it a viable option for many applications.

HD Visible/NIR CMOS HD Day Night Camera
The Viper’s visible camera was designed and optimized for long range surveillance. It uses a 1/2.8″ progressive scan or 1/1.9 star light CMOS sensor with an HD resolution of 1920×1080 and a fantastic signal to noise ratio of 55dB. The 1/2.8″ sensor has excellent spectral sensitivity for both visible and NIR wavelengths and features an automatic IR
cut filter, making it a true day/night camera providing clear color images by day and black and white images at night. The 1/2.8″ sensor provides the best balance between light sensitivity and maximum zoom, making it particularly suited for long range surveillance.

16~2050mm Long Range 128X Continuous Zoom Lens
The Viper comes equipped with a precision engineered 16–2050mm IR-corrected continuous zoom lens with motorized HD doubler, offering an incredible 128X zoom range from 19° through to a very narrow 0.15° FOV when paired with the 1/2.8″ sensor. That’s equivalent to a “full-frame” DSLR camera using a 13,500mm lens! Infiniti’s zoom optics are built with the highest quality Japanese fluorite ELD low dispersion glass, and the integrated rapid auto focus allows long range
recognition and identification of targets without operator intervention.

Real Time Image Processing & Optimization – Long Range Thermal Camera

The Viper also integrates the latest technology in real-time image processing such as BLC, HLC, DWDR, EIS, ROI, 3D DNR, ABF, Defog/ Haze etc. Each of these image enhancements can be automatic or user-defined and calibrated based on the application requirements. Since the camera is native IP, all of these settings can be changed and configured remotely, along with remote PTZ and zoom control.

Integrated Haze/Smoke/Fog Filter
The lens also incorporates a motorized fog filter that is used with the camera’s monochrome mode and de-haze image processing to see through fog, smoke, smog and haze that render standard optical cameras unusable. Infiniti’s HD Zoom camera is a perfect synergy between precision craftsmanship, state of the art sensor hardware and the latest image processing for unparalleled range and performance.

1–5km IR ZLID IR Laser infrared Illumination
Many laser illuminators overexpose the center of the screen and leave the edges dark. Our laser has an adjustable 0.5° to 19.5° angle of view, and Infiniti’s ZLID (Zoom Laser IR Diode) technology synchronizes IR intensity and area illumination with the zoom lens for outstanding active IR performance, eliminating over-exposure, washout, and hot-spots for clear images in complete darkness. An optional LRF is also available that can automatically turn off the laser if an object is detected within the NOHD making it safe.

Weapons Grade Gyro Stabilized Pan Tilt Drive/ positioner – Long Range Thermal Camera

The integrated Dual Elliptical Synchronous Drive P/T Positioner is weapons systems grade positioner designed for
military applications and is able to withstand shock and vibration for use on tanks and navy vessels. The pan tilt implements an Elliptical Synchronous Drive for high torque to handle large payloads while providing micro steps as precise as 0.00025° for smooth manual control or automatic slew to cue tracking when used with Video Analytics, VTMS systems, Radar, AIS and weapon systems. The integrated multi-axis gyro stabilization uses a high-rate MEMS gyro in combination with the pan/tilt to mechanically stabilize the payload, reducing the effects of vibration, oscillation, pitch and roll for unparalleled stabilization on tanks, humvees, assault vehicles and more.

Rugged And Robust military grad MIL-810-STD
The Viper is comprised of military grade, precision engineered
components and manufactured using unique processes to offer absolute performance. It uses a military style connector to supply power, video, and communication over a single cable and does not require a junction box or external electronics of any kind, increasing reliability and the amount of time required to install the system. The entire system is designed for the most demanding mobile applications.  It is MIL-STD-810F/G tested and certified and is sealed to a minimum of IP66 making it water and dust proof. Its internal heater/blower allows it operate in conditions from –50°C to +65°C and both the pan/tilt and enclosure use a tough anti corrosion finish for continued operation in the most brutal and harsh climatic conditions.

Intuitive And User Friendly – Long Range Thermal Camera

While the Viper is an extremely sophisticated multi-sensor system it is also a user friendly plug-and-play solution controllable by touch screen, mouse, VMS systems, DVR/NVR or 3-axis joystick. This allows the Viper to be operated by any individual with little or no training and ensures compatibility with new and existing equipment.

Remote Connectivity IP Internet Ready ONVIF 2.2 Profile -S
The Viper is an IP system that allows you to instantly and remotely connect, and control it through the internet in real-time from anywhere in the world using Ascendent Remote Management Software (ARMS) on your laptop, iPhone, or Android device. For remote or mobile applications Internet bandwidth is often limited, which why our DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras can record at one resolution and stream at another. Our web client also allows you to change your settings, update firmware and activate image enhancements in real time even including back focus lens adjustment.

Long Range Thermal Camera Features

◊ Ultra long-range military grade EO/IR PTZ surveillance
◊ Tri-Sensor payload: HD visible, ZLID illumination & thermal
◊ Day/Night 1080p HD IP ONVIF 1/2.8″ or 1/1.8″ CMOS sensor
◊ 16-2050mm Zoom Lens (with motorized 2x doubler)
◊ 128X zoom range for an incredible 19°–0.15° field of view
◊ Auto focus & motorized fog/parasitic light filter
◊ enhancements: DWDR, HLC, ROI, EIS, 3DNR, Fog/Haze
◊ Color: 0.06 Lux; B&W: 0.005 Lux (0 Lux with IR ZLID)
◊ ›1-5km ZLID IR Laser illumination that syncs with zoom lens
◊ HD 1280×720 10μm, MCT cooled thermal imager
◊ 85–1400mm auto-focus germanium Zoom thermal lens
◊ Up to 40km of human detection & 55km of vehicle detection
◊ Rugged -40°–+60°C IP67 sealed with anti-corrosion finish
◊ Elliptical Synchronous Drive Weapons grade pan tilt driver
◊ Endless 360° rotation with speeds up to 240°/s
◊ Absolute positioning zero backlash 0.00025° resolution
◊ State of the art 2-axis gyro stabilization & EIS stabilization
◊ Meets and exceeds MIL-STD-810F for shock and vibration
◊ EMI MIL-STD-461E for electromagnetic interference


◊ Force Protection
◊ Perimeter Security
◊ Embassy Protection Forces
◊ Mobile/Fixed Command Centers
◊ Ruggedized Surveillance
◊ Tactical Command and Control
◊ Day/Night Situational Awareness
◊ Anti-Pirate systems
◊ Wireless Secured Communication
◊ Enterprise Video Management
◊ GPS Enabled Video Analytics
◊ Threat Detection Technologies
◊ Radar, Microwave and Electromagnetic
◊ Ranger Finders and Target Acquisition
◊ UAV Equipped with Multi-Sensor
◊ Sniper Detection

L/R Thermal Camera Options

◊ Extreme Low light Progressive Scan and EMCCD imaging
◊ Ultra HD 12MP 4k Resolution Day Night Zoom Cameras
◊ SWIR Short Wave Infrared 400~2,200nm Cameras
◊ LWIR Long Wave Infrared Thermal Imaging 7~13um
◊ MWIR Mid Wave Infrared Thermal Imaging 3-5UM
◊ EO/IR Electro Optical and Thermal IR imaging multi sensor
◊ ZLID Zoom Laser IR Infrared invisible light illumination 1-5km
◊ Integrated Window Wiper with Nano Coating
◊ Non ITAR long range Night Vision cameras
◊ 10~40km LRF Laser Range Finders
◊ Fiber Optic Gryo Stabilization
◊ Laser Pointer and Designators
◊ LRAD Long Range Acoustic Hailing Device
◊ Radar Slew To Cue Auto Target Tracking