Pod Drone Platform™ – Hov Pod

As with our Carbon Infinity hovercraft, the Pod Drone Platform™ have Carbon Fiber frames, a fold-able design and modular rotor configuration. Pod Drone Platform™ is built with strong & lightweight materials making it easier to travel with. The Pod Drone Platform™ unique engineering designed to keep central gravity 100% balanced and spreads the payload equally over a large surface area in tough weather conditions.

Even with propellers on, your Pod Drones™ folds down to 30% of flight configuration for easy transport.

Built Around the Pilot

Pod Drone Platform™ is designed from the ground up by our drone pilots veteran team to be the durable, light weight, most modular multi-rotor sUAV in the sky. With unparalleled configuration possibilities delivered through Pod Drone’s™ unique, patent pending frame design, Pod Drone Platform™ is engineered to support wide range of applications, such as Survey, Cinematography, Security, Surveillance, Patrol and Search & Rescue. Pod Drone Platform™ comes with all Carbon Fiber frame construction designed to make your experience not only simpler, but stress free.

The Pod Drone Platform™ is fully compatible with the Hov Pod HoverHome™ Mobile Drone Station and proudly designed and built in the US.

Autonomous Operations

Drones fly to any waypoint in seconds, visually detects humans and tracks them, leading security personnel to suspects in real-time while streaming live video and location to operators in the control room.

Drones fly a pre-defined route to identify suspicious activities near the facility perimeter. The drone is able to continuously search for moving objects while on patrol, alert and stream live videos in case of suspicious movements detection.


◊ Carbon Fiber Frame
◊ Extended Flight Times
◊ Central Gravity 100%
◊ Lightweight & Easy to Travel

◊ Folds Down to 30%
◊ Designed By Drone Pilots
◊ Drone Payload Capacity up to 60kg
◊ Modular Rotor Configuration
◊ Unparalleled Configuration
◊ No Extra Assembly Time

◊ Can be Tethered to Hovercraft
◊ Long Term Surveillance to Tactical
◊ Designed and Built in the US.
◊ Compatible with HoverHomeTM