DragoPod Heavy Lift Drone up to 130kg

The  DragoPod™ is the Pod Drone Platform™’s Heavy Lift Drone Super-carrier featuring great flexibility designed for wide range of applications. Configured in various payload capacity ranges with payloads upto 130kg. Medical equipment, filming in 3D, or as a carrier of smaller UAV drones, the Pod Drone Platform™ DragoPod™ sparks the imagination of military & commercial professionals all over the world.

Flight times on some setups of up to 300 minutes give long range patrol and permanent operation options without need to return and change battery frequently.

24/7 thermal 360° day & night monitoring in day or total darkness.

Detect humans, vehicles, boats, drones or other objects within seconds.

Multiple camera and sensor options.

Many options and sensor packages available. Optimize your camera setup by contacting us for spreadsheets on full DRI ratings that give you distances for detection, recognition and identification of standard objects such as humans and vehicles.

DRI ranges detect people at night with thermal camera (IR) at up to 1,500m (5,200’), detect vehicles at night at up to 4200m (14,000’).

DRI ranges detect people during day with electro optical (EO) camera at up to 8,000m (26,200’), detect vehicles at up to 22km (72,000’).

Simple to operate.

Replaces multiple perimeter or CCTV systems.

The heavy lift drone capability means the payload options are very diverse and althoigh it can carry cameras the use of these heavy lift drones is more of  a logistcis and rescue support role.

Can be configured with Lidar in flight collosion avoidance.

Heavy Lift Drone Payloads

  • Hyperspectral cameras
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • HD EO zoom cameras
  • Payload releases
  • Toxic gas sensors for fire crews
  • Search and rescue equipment
  • LiDAR and Photogrammetry 3D Mapping Packages
  • Agricultural spray systems

Heavy Lift Drone Key Benefits

  • Frame is designed, manufactured, built and assembled in the USA
    Super-carrier payload capacity of up to 130kg (275 lbs), with flight time of upto 40 minutes
  • The heavy lift drone is ideal for Search & Rescue, Security, Surveillance, Patrol and industrial applications that require 2 cinema cameras.
  • Compatible with all commercial grade flight controllers.
  • Modular (X8 or X12) & folds down to ~30% of flight configuration for easy transport.
  • Payload distributed over a large surface area to maximize efficiency.
  • Unique engineering designed to keep central gravity 100% balanced with quick release sliding gimbal mounting system.

Ground Control & Extended Range options

Multiple Ground control options are available ranging from standard radio transmitter setups integratered to smart phones right through to stand alone 12 channel flight control ground control stations with multi screens joystick and throttle controls for complete mission planning and/or manual control and multiple data/video feeds. We also offer a range of long-range options tracking antenna and masts for BVLOS ranges of up to 100km

Models & Options

Drone use is increasing and it may soon be possible in USA to fly over built up areas.

Contact us for full details and flight times and ranges for drone payloads upto 130kg (285lbs). To find out more please contact us.