VTOL Fixed Wing Drone – TransRanger

VTOL Fixed wing drone TransRanger long range surveillance and reconnaissance. The key objective with the TransRanger was to offer a highly capable, reliable and affordable commercial VTOL (vertical take-off and land) aircraft, which one could actually purchase and use every day, unlike the majority of similar systems, available only to military at high price points. 

Flight duration of up to 8 hours with payload of 1kg gives over 550km distance in one flight operation. GCS options for upto 70km range from base station.

The TransRanger fixed wing drone is made from the highest-grade materials, to the highest standards, using unique propitiatory techniques. A highly advanced aerodynamic design allows for low stall speeds, efficient cruise with very low drag, excellent stability and an incredibly low weight at only 5.6kg for the entire airframe.

VTOL Fixed Wing Drone

Modular VTOL Fixed Wing Drone

The airframe is completely modular and can be rapidly deployed from in the case to in the air in under 10 minutes with only two operators required, this along with zero need for a runway or heavy and expensive catapult systems, provides a quicker and safer operation, anywhere, any time. The TransRanger VTOL fixed wing drone is designed as a hybrid system allowing for a combination of multirotor flight and traditional fixed wing flight, providing the best of both aircraft types, the practicality of multirotor flight for take-off and landing, with the efficiency, range and endurance of a fixed wing aircraft.

The incorporation of VTOL technology into the fixed wing system allows the TransRanger to take-off and land in confined spaces in a very short time offering a massive advantage over traditional systems as well as a lower impact and stress on the aircraft with long term use, usually associated with catapult launchers and hard and unpredictable parachute landings.

VTOL Fixed Wing Drone

Drone Airframe

The TransRanger’s airframe is designed by a Civil Aviation Authority approved Aeronautical Design Organization, featuring a 3m dihedral wingspan, aerodynamic winglets and boom-mounted inverted U-shaped empennage, meticulously designed for efficient prolonged flights, offering complete ease of use. The Authority has developed various unique and proprietary features for the TransRanger, including but not limited to quick release wing latches, integrated internal fuel tank, aerofoil shaped landing gear, antennas build into the winglets and internal GPS, meaning zero drag induced by these systems, rapid deploy airframe for quick assembly and transport, highly optimized manufacturing and composite techniques along with many other ‘TransRanger only’ features.

VTOL Fixed Wing Drone

VTOL Fixed Wing Drone Features

The TransRanger features and design values allow for an incredibly low weight system with a maximum take-off weight of only 16kg. The payload bay can be tailored to fit and mount a wide range of cameras, sensors and other equipment, the system offers great flexibility without limiting the operator or mission scope. Designed to be aerodynamically stable and steady in low speed flight applications the HOV POD TransRanger fixed wing drone is designed to cruise at 20m/s. The airframe has a maximum VNE speed of 30m/s and a low stall speed of 13m/s and an incredible endurance of up to 8 hours. 

The HOV POD TransRanger VTOL fixed wing drone truly offers the next generation in unmanned aircraft technology, today.

VTOL Fixed Wing Drone


We offer 2 main models, long range long flight time up to 8 hours and max range of 576Km (or 358 miles) and short range, reduced range with flight times of 2 hours and range of 100km (or 62 miles).

Long Range


  • Made From the Highest-Grade Materials
  • Highly Optimized Composite Frame
  • Advanced Aerodynamic Design
  • Efficient Cruise with Very Low Drag
  • Incredibly Low Weight at Only 5.6kg
  • Rapid Deployment Case To in the Air
  • VTOL Means no Need for a Runway
  • VTOL Means no Need for a Catapult or parachute
  • Take-Off and Land in Confined Spaces
  • Multi-rotor Flight & Fixed Wing Flight
  • Tailored To Fit a Wide Range of Cameras
  • Steady in Low Speed Flight Applications


Wingspan: 2.9m
Length: 2.4m
Height: 5.25m
MTOW 16kg
Designed To Cruise At 20m/S
Maximum VNE Speed of 30m/S
Low Stall Speed of 13m/S
Max Payload of 1.5kg


Transranger AFWVTOL 1.5
Transranger AFWVTOL 0.75
Ground Control Station
Extended Range, LOS Directional Antenna 65Km
Extended Range, LOS Tracking Antenna 100Km
EO/IR Camera A) IR Detect Human at 897m (2944′), (EO x20 Zoom)
EO/IR Camera B) IR Detect Human at 1.8Km (6000′), (EO x 20 Zoom)
EO/IR Camera C) IR Detect Human at 3km (10,000′), (EO x30 Zoom)

If operating over flat terrain a 20m optional mast and antenna give a flight altitude down to 188m at 65km range. More than enough for DRI EO/IR operations.

VTOL Drone

Short Range


  • 4G VPN secured FPV video and telemetry
  • Optional long range radio telemetry for non-cellular areas
  • 5 minute assembly
  • Zero pre-flight calibrations
  • Fully autonomous missions
  • Operated from phone, tablet, computer or cloud
  • Large payload bay directly on the CoG
  • 100Km range with 1Kg payload capacity
  • 2+ hour flight endurance


Wingspan: 2.35 m
Length 1.00m
Maximum takeoff weight 6 Kg
Payload capacity 1 Kg
Cruise speed 18 m/s (65 Km/h)
Maximum speed 28 m/s (100 Km/h)


Transranger DFWVTOL 1.0
Ground Control Station
Extended Range, LOS Directional Antenna 30Km (upgrades possible)
IR Camera X) IR Detect Human at 523m (1,717′), No EO
IR Camera Y) IR Detect Human at 656m (2,152′), 4K 56°FOV  EO Camera
EO/IR Camera A) IR Detect Human at 897m (2944′), (EO X20 Zoom)