Emergency Water Filtration

Planning ahead and responding quickly to a compromised water supply is key to public health and safety during any emergency or natural disaster. For just pennies-per-gallon, the DIVVY® Emergency Water System turns any freshwater source into a safe, potable water supply in a matter of minutes. An unrivaled ally in low-resource environments, DIVVY® is 100% human powered and fully operational without power, fuel, or technical expertise.

DIVVY® can be configured to provide up to 6,000 gallons of water per day; a per person equivalent of 3 gallons per day for 2,000 people. Whether propositioned as a component of emergency planning or deployed to provide relief and recovery following disaster, DIVVY® can meet the drinking water demands of any large group. Talk to an Hov Pod water expert for help calculating the emergency water needs of any population center.


◊ Can Be Carried By 1-2 People
◊ Single Person Operation
◊ Easy To Use Hand Pump
◊ 30 Min Fill Time, 60 Min Treatment Time

◊ Works with Any Freshwater Source
◊ Requires No Power
◊ Kills Bacteria and Virus
◊ Removes Particulate, Protozoa, and Cysts
◊ Improves Taste and Odor
◊ Easy To Clean and Reuse

◊ Up to 6000 Gallons a Day
◊ Minutes from Setup to Dispensing
◊ Provide 6,000 Gallons per Day
◊ Dispenses 4 Gallons per Minute


A reliable and safe drinking water supply is central to public health and disease prevention following an emergency or natural disaster. Yet, often times technologies are poorly matched to the resources available.

The DIVVY Emergency Water System is designed for use in low resource situations when access to power, fuel and technical expertise is compromised. Fully operational and able to dispense safe drinking water within 90 minutes of set up—the DIVVY is an indispensable resource for both community preparedness and disaster response.

The DIVVY® system is trusted throughout the United States by universities, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and local governments as a primary resource in the community’s emergency water plan. Internationally, the system has been utilized by NGO’s and relief organizations following natural disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and the Lushan Earthquake in China. In Honduras, one remote village reduced water-borne illness by 98% following the exclusive use of the DIVVY® system for the community’s drinking water.