The Emergency Water Filtration System 250 WFS is the only 100% human-powered emergency water supply system on the planet capable of dispensing lifesaving purified water at a rate of 2,500 – 6000 gallons per day. It can be customized to meet the precise drinking water needs of any concentrated population. Municipal govt’s, NGOs, and healthcare facilities can confidently and cost-effectively deploy the 250 WFS water filtration system to provide safe hydration during a water system crisis. thesis format template earthquake thesis statement dc creative writing example of thesis for education viagra trademark watch source url go here homework and assignment help need help my accounting homework thesis outline social sciences is betnovate sold otc in uk write my english essay essay article example essays examples buy college papers term papers thesis of king letter from birmingham jail nexium canada no prescription best buy strategic analysis essays cialis not working for me buy essays online cheap uk viagra capsules price go to site good informative essay topics for college students viagra weed erowid custom college essay editing for hire how to write a movie in a paper Features & Benefits of the WFS 250 Emergency Water Filtration System

  • Capable of dispensing lifesaving purified water at a rate of 2,500 – 6000 gallons per day.
  • Delivers lifesaving water from any fresh water source.
  • 100% human-powered emergency water supply system, no need for fuel or electricity.
  • Filters 4 to 5 gallons per minute with 4 dispensing points.
  • Within 60 minutes a single person, without technical training or tools, can assemble the complete system
  • Practical—Elegantly simple and intuitive design, easy to use, no tools required.
  • Portable—Easy to transport, carry and store.
  • People Powered—Fully operational without fuel or electricity.
  • Purpose Built—Proven to meet the rugged demands caused by emergency or disaster.

Hand powered and takes 60 minutes to setup.

It pumps dirty water through filters to a storage tank where it is further treated before being hand pumped to containers buckets etc.

The Emergency Water Filtration System compromises 3 main sections.

  1. Fill, the pump to draw up the dirty water.
  2. Tank, 1 or 3 tank system, 2500 up to 6000 gallons per day.
  3. POD (Point of Distribution).


Where can the WFS 250 system be used?

  • Emergency
  • Natural disasters
  • Power loss
  • Flooding
  • Military
  • Drinking
  • Hygiene
  • Cooking

Will the WFS 250 system purify salt water?

No, desalination typically uses large amounts of energy and specialized, expensive equipment, making it much more expensive than fresh water purification from conventional sources such as rivers or groundwater. The WFS 250 system purifies most contaminated fresh water sources.

How much water can the WFS 250 purify in one day?

The P.O.D. (Point of Distribution) can filter 4 to 5 gallons per minute; 250 gallons per hour; approximately 2500 gallons per day with one tank; 6,000 gallons per day filtering continuously with three tanks.

The risks of drinking contaminated water are well know, make sure you have a emergency water filtration system on hand.

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