Mobile Rescue Solutions

Mobile Rescue Solutions are  modern first aid supplies paired with an innovative app – empowering bystanders to save lives.

That’s why Hov Pod are Official International Distributors for first the Mobile Rescue Solutions: an interactive first aid system that includes the knowledge and equipment untrained bystanders need to lend a hand during unexpected medical emergencies.

The Mobile Rescue Solutions interactive app runs an assessment-based algorithm to locate the most serious problems first. The app directs the bystander to find the proper equipment and then provides step-by-step instructions on how to manage the medical emergency.

Necessary emergency medical supplies to manage severe bleeding, allergic reactions, cardiac arrest & more.

Mobile Rescue Solutions are created by paramedics, emergency physicians, emergency response educators, military veterans, and software developers who are empowering bystanders to save lives. Qualifies as an ANSI Class A kit

Mobile Rescue Solutions Features

◊ Simple prompts to assess and manage a variety of medical emergencies
◊ Based on TECC, AHA CPR, & ACEP emergency care guidelines
◊ Takes into account multiple patient and multiple injury scenarios
◊ Prioritizes the management of the most serious conditions

◊ Qualifies as a ANSI Class A kit
◊ The app corresponds with the medical equipment
    which are labeled and color coded for easy location
    and recognition..


◊ Bystander Initiated First Aid
◊ First Interactive First Aid System
◊ Apply First Aid before the Professionals Arrive
◊ Apply First Aid & Transport for Treatment

◊ Interactive App Runs an Assessment
◊ Algorithm Locates Most Serious Problems
◊ Prioritizes the Most Serious Conditions
◊ Directs Bystander to Proper Equipment
◊ Medical Equipment Labeled & Color Coded

◊ Provides Step-By-Step Instructions
◊ Directions Managing Medical Emergency
◊ Manage 80+ Injuries & Illnesses
◊ Qualifies as a ANSI Class A kit

Mobile Rescue Solutions Video