amphibious firefighting – Solution

Amphibious Firefighting is a persistent surface to air solution for monitoring and fighting fires from a body of water, lake, river, pond, pool, stream.

First of all, when it comes to amphibious firefighting exploiting the drone’s ability to tirelessly loiter for hours at a time is important. Consequently tethered with hovercraft, a wide-area camera and a thermal camera is a mobile all terrain solution capable of capturing a visual record of everything below that moves or changes over time.

Amphibious Firefighting is effective because it is a unique integration of the latest surveillance technologies, the all-terrain capability of hovercraft and the aerial capacity of drones.  As a result the solution is capable of operating in mostly inaccessible high fire risk areas, forest, hills, grassy plains, rural and suburban areas.

Amphibious Firefighting delivers actionable intelligence from remote locations, hence you are able to quickly respond or engage from the surface or from the air. Rather than a traditional firefighting solutions, we offer the opposite, a continuous and persistent mobile firefighting solution.

As a result, you have increased visibility, therefore heightened awareness, while augmented the ability to respond quickly to any alert, incident or situation.

Hovercraft and drones are also effective in firefighting, rescue, medical emergencies and disaster relief. Amphibious firefighting hovercraft are specialized ACVs with pumps and nozzles designed for fighting shoreline or wildfires and they are capable of pumping tens of thousands of gallons of water or foam per minute.

The solution monitors the fire from the air, deliver real time fire data to command, to get hovercraft in position to fight fire, any body of water, to spot and rescue victims in normally inaccessible areas.

Amphibious firefighting – Alternative

Especially relevant to the conditions, the solution operates day and night in addition to being all weather. The amphibious firefighting solution integrates hovercraft, drones, tethers, robotics, low light cameras, thermal imaging, sonar, echo, radar, sensors, AIS, VHF, weather forecast, record/backup and replay, therefore provides actionable intelligence.

Deploy, Mobile the amphibious firefighting solution from any terrain or amphibiously as opposed to traditional land based systems, in addition receive a live video feed from the areas monitored by the drone, hovercraft, or static surveillance options. amphibious firefighting is option base, therefore integrates with your existing surveillance system or comes with a fully operational command center.

Amphibious firefighting hovercraft fight fires from lakes and rivers. They can also directly attack fires in the supporting underpinnings of structures.

Firefighting hovercraft fight wildfires from a source with an unlimited supply of water available, pumping directly from below the hull.

Hovercraft assist shore-based firefighters when other water is in low supply or is unavailable. For example, due to earthquake breakage of water mains.

Hovercraft carry firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and a physician with their equipment to islands and other boats. They also carry divers or surface water rescue workers.

Hovercraft move passengers from ships in danger. Hovercraft are also used for oil and chemical containment on rivers, lakes and seas

Let us customize a full Amphibious Firefighting Solution for your application.

Amphibious firefighting

Amphibious Firefighting

◊ Aerial/Amphibious & All Terrain
◊ Tackle Airport Fires from the Water
◊ Fight Fire from Perimeter Lakes, Mudflats
◊ Movable Foam Monitor Cockpit Nozzle
◊ A Crew of 2 Outperforms Plane Drops

◊ Manned or Autonomusly Operated
◊ High Performance Twin Discharge Pump
◊ Foam Monitor & 120 Titre Foam Tank Unit
◊ All Terrain Quick Deployment
◊ Operate In Areas Inaccessible To Boats

◊ Operate in Areas Inaccessible To Fire Trucks
◊ Pump Water from Shallow Water or Puddles
◊ Use a Pools, Creeks or Extend a Hose
◊ Multi-Use Fire & Rescue Capabilities
◊ Hovercraft can be retrofitted with stretcher