Cabin Access Hovercraft – Year Round

Hov Pod Cabin Access hovercraft are just starting to make their debut on the lakes. They offer a fast, fun and very durable way to traverse a wide range of terrain and they are amphibious. You can use Hov Pod year-round, especially during the transitional seasons. They operate about 9 inches above the surface so can handle ice, water, mud, snow, grass, gravel, everything.

Constantly changing sandbars and difficult to predict freezing patterns have made for an erratic and at times hazardous boating season. Plus, warmer winters have meant that some island cottages are completely inaccessible during all but the very deepest part of winter. As a response to the current weather trends and a desire for a year round cabin access, some cabin owners have gone with a different kind of vehicle. Cabin Access Hovercraft.

Cabin Access Hovercraft

Cabin Access Hovercraft – Shallow Water

Many boaters lose props every spring because of the debris coming out of the rivers and under the surface. Every spring sandbars move along all the time and water levels change dramatically. Hov Pod Cabin Access Hovercraft are just outstanding for reaching cabin when no other vehicle will, their speed and maneuverability make for a very different ride over rough terrain. They are able to stop and start on land or water and accelerate up to 45 mph on a smooth terrain.

Hov Pod Cabin Access Hovercraft are one of the most agile vehicles available. A 15 minute training period is normally all that is required to become completely comfortable in the control of a Hov Pod. Hov Pod Hovercraft also offer many advantages for people who like their recreation exploration and adventure.

Cabin Access Hovercraft


Cabin Access Hovercraft – Capabilitities

The access capabilities of Hov Pod Cabin Access Hovercraft is limited only by your imagination.  Overall, as awareness increases, the more people when understand all their capabilities, the more their use will expand their. At present, the most popular version of Hov Pod is the SPX Series is for rescue applications, however since the launch of the Infinity series it is quickly gaining ground.

Although they are used for everything from border patrol to rescuing flood victims and those fallen through ice, Hov Pod Cabin Access Hovercraft are finally beginning to be recognized as the safest and most efficient way to to gain access to places never thought possible.

If you have a cabin near a lake, river, in icy, slushy or flooded conditions a Hov Pod might be the only way to get in or out.

Don't settle for a hovercraft, own a Hov Pod.